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  • Aurora World Noah’s Ark Playset

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    Make baby's dedication or baptism day more special and memorable with this Noah's Ark play set! It is a collection of stuffed plush animals that makes distinct sounds from one another. Get to know the little Lion, Elephant, Zebra and Giraffe who are sailing aboard the ark of Noah. Make baby's play time more interactive and fun with this plush play set!Check Prices
  • Baby Baptism Gift Box

    The Sacrament of Baptism is a solemn and important ceremony in Christianity. Commemorate the memory with this beautiful gift set prepared specifically for the occasion. Each set contains a beautiful Rosary with its own beautifully crafted keepsake box, a crib wall cross, and a praying bear plushie.Check Prices
  • Baby Baptism Shoes with Embroidered Bib

    On christening or dedication day, babies need to dress up too! Traditionally, babies should be wearing white. Both baby girls and boys should wear white clothes, and even white shoes! So if you are looking to dress up a baby boy for his christening day, then this soft white shoes with a matching white embroidered bib is perfect!Check Prices
  • Baby Christening and Dedication Dress

    Dressing up baby girls for their baptism or dedication day should not be a problem. This white satin bodice with lace dress is the perfect outfit for your precious baby girl! Make sure your baby is dressed up for the occasion in this white baptism dress. It is comfortable, stylish, and still useful as a Sunday dress after the baptism event.Check Prices
  • Baby Dedication Baptism Gift Set

    Looking for a gift to give your god child on their dedication day? This gift set has got you covered. Included in it is a cute lamb rattle, a beautifully crafted pewter crib medal of a rocking horse with a prayer inscription, an original poem made into an artwork, and a baby Bible.Check Prices
  • Baby Dedication Wood Plaque with Easel

    Give your godchild a sweet, precious dedication gift. This wooden plaque contains a short but very meaningful Bible verse that is perfect for Baptisms or for baby's Christening day. You may also choose this as a last-minute baby shower gift. Parents will surely love it too, because it can be used as a room decor for baby's room!Check Prices
  • Baby Swaddle Scripture Blanket

    Give your godchild something warm and snug on Dedication Day, Baptism, or during the Baby Shower! This baby swaddle blanket is inscribed with a scripture verse that helps add a protective and security blanket for your cute bundle of joy. The design and color is perfect for both baby girls and boys!Check Prices
  • Beveled Glass Photo Frame with Easel

    You can get ordinary glass frames anywhere, but you can get one that has a very special message from here. This one is enscribed with a verse that gives value of the life of your godchild. "I praise you because I am fearfully & wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14" Is a great way of declaring how precious and how wonderful a gift your godchild is.Check Prices
  • Child Of God Bisque Porcelain Figurine

    Dedicating the baby to the Lord is indeed a precious moment to cherish. This bisque porcelain figurine of a baby boy gazing on a cross with the words "Child of God" written on it, is a lovely reminder of such a momentous event in your godchild's life.Check Prices
  • Christening Poetry Keepsake Gift

    If you want to give baby a special and useful gift on the day of their baptism or dedication, this embroidered pair of white socks could be the perfect thing! It comes in a keepsake gift box which contains a short dedication message. The socks are embroidered with a cross design. It is perfect to be used on dedication day itself, or during Sunday church service!Check Prices
  • Darice Memory Hands Bucket Kit

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    Organizing the KonMari way is all the rage these days, and if you have heard of it, then you know that everything that you own needs to "spark joy" in you if you want to keep it with you. Let your gift spark a lot of joy in the hearts of the parents and child with this Memory Hands Precious Impressions Kit , which would allow them to keep a memento of their little ones' tiny hands and feet. Because years from now, your gift would remind of the joy of holding that little baby for the first time.Check Prices
  • Embroidered Baby Quilt Cotton Blanket

    Keep baby comfortable, warm and snug with this cotton blanket quilt. It is carefully embroidered with Bible scriptures to keep baby protected with a layer of God's love. It is comfortable, soft, warm, and safe for baby's skin. This quilt is a perfect Baptismal or baby shower gift for Christian families!Check Prices
  • Embroidered Bib and Socks For Baby Girl

    Aside from a white dress, baby girls also need to wear matching white socks to complete her outfit for baptism or dedication day! This matching white bib and socks are the perfect pair to your baby girl's white dress. It is made from soft and comfortable cotton, which will not irritate baby's skin. She will feel snug and comfy, all throughout the celebration.Check Prices
  • God’s Gift Baptism Keepsake Frame

    Babies don't remember what exactly goes on during their dedication or christening day, but with photos and keepsakes, they can certainly look back on that day with love and appreciation. This baptism frame with a short dedication is a great keepsake for both baby boys and girls on their baptism or dedication day!Check Prices
  • Growing in Faith Handprint Frame Gift

    When babies grow up, they won't remember anything much about their Baptism except when they see photos from that day. But you can also leave them with a unique remembrance with this Handprint frame. It can be embossed with their tiny hand-print during their Christening, and framed for safekeeping and posterity.Check Prices
  • Guardian Angel Medallion Ornament

    Make your godchild's Dedication Day more special with this medallion ornament containing a guardian angel with a short prayer. The short dedication and prayer will help keep baby safe, and guide them towards a more peaceful sleep. Surprise their lovely parents during Dedication, Christening, or even during the Baby Shower with this unique gift.Check Prices
  • Handmade Crochet Blanket for Baby

    Once upon a time, when the world was quiet and less busy, mothers had the hours and the skills (it takes A LOT of adulting skills) to hand make their own baby's clothes. They would crochet and sew everything from boots to blankets. And the baby arrives all warm and wrapped up in her mother's love. If you are looking for the same kind of love to give, these handmade crochet is just the right present, for lesser the effort.Check Prices
  • Jesus Loves Me Blue Wall Cross

    Make a baby's christening or dedication day more special with an unforgettable keepsake such as this Jesus Loves me cross! It is styled with blue buttons, which makes it perfect for baby boys (though it can be given to baby girls too). This cross can also be used as a wall decor in baby's nursery room.Check Prices
  • Jesus Loves Me Frame Gift

    A baptism is one of those precious moments in a baby's life that even their own grandparents should not miss! Give that adorable baby a proper welcome into the Christian world with this "Jesus Loves Me" white frame. It contains a short prayer room, and it can be used as a room decor for either baby boy or girl.Check Prices
  • Jesus Loves Me Soft Swaddle Blanket

    Make sure your child, grandchild, or godchild will feel the love, warmth, and comfort, by giving them this beautifully designed blanket on their baptism or dedication day! Being designed with religious and "Jesus Loves Me" quotes, it is a great way to share the faith and keep baby reminded of Jesus' love and blessing.Check Prices
  • KeaBabies Ergonomic Baby Sling Infant Carrier

    As a godparent, you are aware of the struggles of parenting and you know that any parent would welcome anything that would help ease their way into it. If you are looking for a gift that is thoughtful and practical, this ergonomic baby wrap carrier will surely be used and the new parents will never be able to thank you enough for your thoughtfulness.Check Prices
  • LifeSong Milestones Elephant Wall Decoration

    This beautiful artwork is a fitting decoration for your god daughter's nursery. The beautiful elephant mom and baby drawing is sure to charm the whole family. Plus, the verse is the one that you would wish for your god daughter to be: to grow up strong in body and spirit.Check Prices
  • LifeSong Milestones Owl Wall Decor Set

    These wall decoration signs are a welcome addition to your godchild's nursery. Its cute and pretty design is a sure eye catcher. But more importantly, its verse: "Be Strong and Courageous Do Not Be Afraid or Troubled The Lord Your God is with you wherever you go" from Joshua 1:9 is an encouragement that any new parent would surely appreciate and thank you for.Check Prices
  • Light and Love Lantern Baptism Keepsake for Baby

    As a godparent, you would always want your godchild to grow up in the right way. And having God as a guiding light is a sure way to keep them in the right path. This Light and Love Lantern is a beautiful reminder of keeping the little light shine through their lives as they grow older and wiser in the years to come.Check Prices
  • Music Box with Wavy Design Trim

    Music has a way of soothing the soul... and lulling babies to sleep. This music box from Cottage Garden will be a sure hit to sleep deprived parents who will do anything, and give anything just to get a few winks of sleep. And they will be sure to remember to thank you for this gift once they regain some semblance of a functioning life for this god sent lifesaver.Check Prices
  • Musical Teddy Bear Stuffed Toy

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    Being asked to be a godparent for a sweet, little baby is a huge honor. It means that their parents trust you enough to make you a second parent for their child. Make sure you bring something memorable on the day of the Baptism like this musical plush toy! It gives comfort and even plays a soothing lullaby to help baby sleep in peace.Check Prices
  • My First Rosary Keepsake Holder for Girls

    Rosaries are like our own lifelines to God, and praying the rosary is one of the best ways to keep the faith burning. Give the gift of faith. This exquisite Rosary is and ideal gift for a baby christening. It comes with a beautifully crafted keepsake box to keep the rosary in.Check Prices
  • Pink Charm Bracelet For Baby Girls

    Are you going to stand as a godparent for a sweet little girl? Congratulations! Being chosen as a godparent is a blessing. Now if you want to give a little keepsake for baby on dedication day or baptism, you might want to consider this pink charm bracelet that comes with a short and heavenly message in its case.Check Prices
  • Praying Girl Wall Cross Decor

    Looking for a great dedication gift for a baby girl? This cross features a little girl and a short prayer to help babies and little girls fall in a safe and comfortable sleep. The cross can be used as a wall decor in the nursery room, and it is a great guide for little girls who are still learning to pray on their own.Check Prices
  • Precious Moments Snow Globe For Baby Boys

    Little boys also deserve a sweet, precious gift too! This Precious Moments Snow Globe is a perfect gift for baby boys (or godsons) on their Christening or Baptismal day. It is also a great gift for baby showers. When your sweet baby boy grows into a toddler, he will surely find this little snow globe fascinating.Check Prices
  • Precious Moments Snow Globe For Baby Girls

    Give your goddaughter the sweetest and most precious Baptismal gift! This Precious Moments Snow Globe is perfect as a Christening gift or baby shower gift - especially for a sweet little baby girl. This little snow globe beauty is such a sight to behold, and your goddaughter will be fascinated by it when she gets older.Check Prices
  • Security Baby Blanket With Teething Toy

    Babies need to feel warm and secure during the first few months of their life. If you want to make sure that your godchild only has the best, give them this security blanket on the day of Dedication or Baptism! It offers a warm and snug sleeping time. It also comes with ribbons and fabrics that can encourage tactile play and develop baby's cognitive and motor skills.Check Prices
  • Sterling Silver Cross Charm Bracelet

    Check Prices
  • White Swarovksi Pearl Cross Bracelet

    A blessing so precious deserves a gift worthy of it. Your godchild is indeed precious. This Crystal Dream Baptism Bracelet is a gift fitting for the child. It is made from white Swarovski simulated pearls, and has a silver cross charm. Indeed, this is gift is as precious as your godchild.Check Prices
  • Wood Grain Music Box

    Indeed, your precious godchild is loved by Heaven and is a precious gift to cherish. This wood grained traditional music box is a beautiful gift that play Jesus Loves Me, a song that truly speaks of how much preciously loved the little one is by Someone high above.Check Prices

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