Best Gifts for Gun Lovers

People who love guns don’t just have one. They usually have an arsenal of it stashed in their homes, or wherever it would be safe to keep them.

If you are looking for the best gifts for gun lovers in your life, then you have come to the right place. We have here some items that are not only related to guns and its accessories. You can also find gift items that are fun and witty, and would surely be appreciated.

This is the ultimate place to find the best gifts for gun lovers. We got the necessary, like the cleaning kits and the holders. And if you are in the look out for the simple yet fun one like the bullet key chains, the bullet ice molds, and the decors, you go ahead and read on. For sure, you will find the perfect gift that you have been looking for.

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  • 3D Large Ice Cube Grenade Silicone Molds

    What’s another unique gift to give to gun lovers? Here it is: a silicone-made hand grenade ice mold. Yes, it’s totally real and makes any hard liquor drink looking and feeling über cool. It’s big but not too big, eye-catching, and doesn’t water down the drink as it lasts longer than its normal-sized counterparts. So go on ahead and drop a bomb of a gift!Check Prices
  • 3D LED Night Light Submachine Toy Gun

    Looking for a gift that can possibly brighten up a friend's man cave? This 3D Neon LED Submachine Gun Lamp is the perfect decor for that! It has an optical illusory effect, and can change up to 7 colors including blue, red, violet and white. The lamp is made from environmentally-friendly and non-toxic materials, so it is safe even for a children's rooms too!Check Prices
  • ALUED Bullet Bottle Openers Gift Set

    Bullets that open bottles in a jiffy. Yes, you heard it right! With this product, any gun lover will be opening beer bottles like a boss. There’s nothing quite like a faux bullet looking like a real one but an even better version. It’s also got a keychain that functions the same. It’s great to gift on birthdays, and would serve well as party giveaways too!Check Prices
  • Armed AK47 Military Garden Gnome Lawn Statue

    Most of us see gnomes similar to that of happy little elves who are content to just bounce and hang around shrubs and flowers all day long. However, this particular gnome is not one of them. This garden gnome is armed with an AK47, and is ready to kick butt any time! It is a perfect gift for military members, trainees, and gun enthusiasts.Check Prices
  • Barbuzzo Last Man Standing – Bullet Pint Glass

    Give your gift an extra punch with this glass from the Barbuzzo. It will not only make a great addition to the bar, it’s also a fully functional liquor drinking glass that literally “takes the bullet”. It’s perfect for a gun enthusiast friend or family member who you know will appreciate the humor of this gift item.Check Prices
  • Bullet Pen with Custom Engraved Box

    What's inside the box? Is it a bullet? It just looks like one, but it is actually a pen! This is the perfect gift for gun lovers and enthusiasts out there - not because of its stylish design, but also because of its functionality. It is a refillable pen that can be used to sign papers, and write important notes at the office or school.Check Prices
  • Bullet Shell Casing Shaped Army Tank

    If you're looking for the right gift that can show appreciation for our very own local heroes, or members of the military, you might want to consider this army tank! Made from approximately 22 bullet shells, this gift item makes for a great desk accessory or home accent for army members and gun enthusiasts.Check Prices
  • Ceramic Mug for Gun Lovers

    Why is gun not included in the classic favorite Rock, Paper, Scissors game? This mug clearly points out why. No more questions asked. Let friend and family member who’s a gun enthusiast have a fun way to jumpstart his or her day with this cool mug. It’s a great gift for birthdays, holidays, or any day that you just want to make someone smile.Check Prices
  • Cowboy Revolver Pistol Bookends Decor

    Well-made, cool-looking, and definitely not like any ordinary bookends you’ll find just anywhere. These bookends are a perfect complement to book collections or firearms home decorations. Get a pair now for that loved one or friend who’s a either book-lover, vintage-lover, and firearms aficionado, or all of the above. This gift will definitely be loved.Check Prices
  • Decorative Western-Themed Bookends Set

    What could be the best gift for people who are bookworms and gun enthusiasts at the same time? Bookends that are shaped like pistols, of course! This Western style decorative pair of bookends is perfect not just for holding up books, but also as a shelf, desk or room decor in personal offices, libraries, and work desks.Check Prices
  • Deluxe Tactical Padded Gear Bag

    Surprise your camping and hunting buddy with a unique and functional gift! This multipurpose hunt and camp bag will be the only thing that can pack up everything they need on a hunting or camping trip. It can hold up to 10 guns, a camera, and other tactical gear. It is suitable for gun lovers and adventurers who love to spend their days out on the woods!Check Prices
  • Electric Gun Wine Opener

    For enthusiasts who cannot get enough of guns, this classy and savvy opener is sure to make one looking like THE BOSS while opening a vintage wine bottle. It’s the way to go if you want to make an impact and give something that’s not easy to forget. Rest assured, it’s nothing boring like the other electric bottle openers, and definitely will stand out in a crowd.Check Prices
  • Funny Couple Mug Set For Gun Lovers

    This is the perfect gift for an amazing couple! This mug set fits a couple where the husband is a gun enthusiast, and the wife is supportive of such an endeavor. It is made from premium ceramic, which will allow the couple to enjoy their favorite drinks together for many years to come! This can work great as a wedding gift or anniversary gift.Check Prices
  • Funny Shirt Gift For Gun Lovers

    Nothing in this world can ever beat a loving and supportive wife - especially when she is supportive of a husband who is a gun enthusiast! This shirt is the perfect gift for a dad, uncle or brother who is a gun lover, and who is also lucky enough to have the most amazing and supportive wife in the world.Check Prices
  • Funny Statement Shirt For Gun Lovers

    If your friend is an avid gun collector and enthusiast, you know that they will never actually tell themselves that they "have too many guns." That's why this shirt is the perfect gift item for them! Give it as a surprise gift on their birthday or on special occasions like the Holidays or Father's Day.Check Prices
  • Gun Cleaning Kit and Accessories

    Help your friend clean up and maintain their gun collection in good, tiptop shape by giving this Gun Cleaning Kit as a gift! It contains all the necessary accessories, cleaning patches, mops, solid brass and solid aluminum rods that can clean up different kinds of guns such as rifles, pistols and shotguns.Check Prices
  • HLJGIFT Novelty Ceramic Pistol Coffee Mug

    Mugs are a very common gift ideas that they usually come last in your list to give to loved ones and friends. They’re a little less special, you would think. But with this mug? You got it all wrong. This will definitely be a big hit for those who are avid gun or firearms lovers. Its awesome pistol-handle design is superb, you’d probably get another for yourself.Check Prices
  • KEEPER Magnetic Gun Mount and Holster

    Gift giving for gun lovers can never be better than this gun mount. It’s magnetic, easy to mount and use, and works really well with a lot of different gun brands and models. It’s made from quality materials so you’re guaranteed it won’t easily fail in performance and style. It’s easy to install in the car and home too. Make your purchase worth it today.Check Prices
  • Lucore Handcrafted Revolver Handgun Wall Art

    Give your friend's man cave a bit of personality by giving this handcrafted revolver decor as a gift! Made from metals and wires, this wall art is shaped like a real revolver handgun with an elegant gold and black design. It is a great gift for any occasion - whether that be for birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day or the Holidays!Check Prices
  • MarksmanSKLZ Factory Shooting Bottles

    Need some stuff to practice your shooting skills on? This set of colorful shooting bottles can do the job! These brightly-colored bottles are made with environmentally friendly Polyethylene which makes them shatterproof and reusable for many practice sessions to come. Let your friends practice their aim with these bright, sturdy bottles!Check Prices
  • Neoprene Belly Band Holster

    Being a gun owner means huge responsibility. This is why you support your friends and family who are gun lovers. They know that the concealment of firearms is an important aspect of being a responsible gun owner. Take away any discomfort and inconvenience when they do just that with this band holster that’s dependable for everyday wear.Check Prices
  • Pink Revolver Shaped Electric Screwdriver Gun

    Normal-looking screw drivers and power drills are for normies, that's why we recommend this pink revolver-shaped drill machine right here if you have friends who are gun enthusiasts, gun lovers and DIY home repair enthusiasts as well! It has good grip, powerful drills, and it gets the job done anytime and at any building.Check Prices
  • Popsockets Grip and Stand for Lady Gun Lover

    Shooting isn’t just for men, and your gun lover friend or wife knows that for sure and even does it so much better than most men you know (and maybe you too, no offense.) So get her this funny phone/tablet stand as a gift on her birthday or even if it’s not. The humor on the gift will surely make her smile bright and her day brighter.Check Prices
  • Premium Bullet Whiskey Chilling Rocks

    Drink in style with these bullet-shaped stones that can keep your favorite Whiskey cool and smooth without diluting it with ice cubes! Whiskey lovers and gun enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this gift. It is stylish, functional, and very handy for unexpected celebrations, congratulatory dinners and other special events.Check Prices
  • PREMIUM PRESENTS Genuine Leather Beer Holster

    A holster for beer instead of one for a gun? This is the perfect gift to trigger a smile on the face of a friend, who loves guns, firearms — and beer, who always gets gifts that match his hobbies. This great-looking novelty beer holster also comes with a gun shaped bottle opener to complement the whole look.Check Prices
  • Real Avid 19-in-1 Precision Pistol Tool

    It’s the ultimate gun tool for avid pistol lovers you know. There’s no better way to keep pistols fine-tuned and at their top shape for an unwavering performance at any time of any day. If you want to make an impression with your gift, this is all you need to do so. It’s a gift to give with or without an occasion.Check Prices
  • Real Avid Gun Tools Set

    Sale! $18.59 $15.99
    This is the ultimate emergency tool for gun lovers out there! Encountered gun problems while at the range, or while you are out on a hunt? No worries. This has multiple tools that can help fix a range of gun problems on the field. Whether you need to change choke tubes, or mount and adjust scopes, this is the only thing you need.Check Prices
  • Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Combo

    Your dad might love all things the old school way, but this cleaning kit will surely have him change his mind about it. It’s a complete gun cleaning set that works on both the largest and the tinest pieces of a gun. Wanting to get something practical for a gun owner or enthusiast? This ain’t just practical. It’s definitely splendidly made and dependable in many ways.Check Prices
  • Real Bullet LED Flashlight Gift For Gun Lovers

    This might look like an intimidating bullet, but in reality, it is just a flashlight! The bullet design is created to make this the perfect gift item for gun lovers and enthusiasts alike. Aside from its stylish design, this flashlight is useful enough for emergencies and unexpected outage. Don't worry, this is only made from safe materials!Check Prices
  • Real Bullet Pen For Gun Lovers

    Got a friend who is a gun lover or gun enthusiast? Let them write with personality and style with this bullet-shaped pen! It is refillable, smooth and 100% safe for writing. It is made with Lacquer to ensure that the design does not tarnish over time. It is great as a Father's Day gift, birthday gift, or Holiday gift to a friend who loves collecting and shooting guns.Check Prices
  • Real Hollow Point Bullet Collectible Cube

    Can’t seem to find the right gift item to wow a gun aficionado? You've just have come upon what you’ve been searching for. This actual-fired bullet is a real piece of art that will make a good impression on anyone including your very own boss who’s got a big love for firearms and shooting. You don’t need to say more to impress. Let this gift take care of that.Check Prices
  • Revolver Cylinder Pen Holder For Gun Lovers

    Hold and keep all your writing pens in a stylish revolver cylinder holder! This is the perfect gift for people who are gun enthusiasts, and those who would like to add a strong accent/decor in their personal workspace. Keep 6 pens locked and loaded, and always ready for any writing and documentation needs!Check Prices
  • Shotgun-Themed Coaster Set Holder

    Put your drinks in style with this shotgun shell-designed coaster set! It looks sleek and decadent enough to be used on the dining table or on your friend's man cave! This fits perfectly for dining areas that employ a Deer hunting theme. Surprise a friend, and let them enjoy great drinks with this 5-piece coaster set!Check Prices
  • Solar Powered Lawn Gnome Statue

    You would think gnomes are just content to sit around in the bushes and play with mushrooms and flowers all day long, but this particular garden gnome has set himself up for a different role. He decided to stand guard, and arm himself with pistols - just in case unwelcome visitors step in on your lawn!Check Prices
  • Solid Tactical 50 Cal Metal Ammo Can

    For utmost security and safekeeping of valuables and important documents, what you need is an airtight and waterproof storage box that can do the job. But this particular box is built not just for safekeeping valuables, but also protecting different kinds of ammunition and tactical gear. This is the perfect gift for hunting and shooting enthusiasts!Check Prices
  • Steampunk 6 Barrel Dummy Pistol Statue

    Gun lovers and enthusiasts will love this dummy barrel pistol on their desk, walls or on their book shelves! It is a well-detailed pistol statue that is made from cold cast Bronze, and looks very much like the real one. Great as a home decor or accent for personal offices, work desks, and man caves. Surprise a friend on a special day with this dummy pistol as a gift!Check Prices
  • Universal Gun Sling Holder for Trucks

    Give a firearms enthusiast a lot to be happy about on his or her birthday with this ultimate firearms car holder/organizer. Its universal size is guaranteed to securely keep firearms in place. The durable materials it’s made from is sure to make your gift last really long too. If you want to give something unforgettable, then here it is.Check Prices
  • Visual 3D Pistol Gun Night Light Lamp

    You would not believe your eyes. This gun-shaped lamp might seem like a fully illuminated 3D sculpture, but it is just in fact a carefully crafted 2D illusion! This is great for children's room, a personal man cave, or as a desk lamp in a home office. This is also a great gift for gun lovers and gun enthusiasts alike!Check Prices
  • Wild Shot Gun Cleaning Kit

    Being a gun enthusiast also means that you have to maintain and clean them every now and then. If you have a friend who is a gun enthusiast, make sure they can keep their cleaning brushes all in one place in this sleek, bullet-shaped kit case! It encases an organizer that can hold cleaning patches, brass adapters, gun oil, and more.Check Prices

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