Best Gifts for History Teachers

History is one of those things in life that you either love or hate. There is no middle ground to it. And all history teachers know the pressure of showing their students the value of history, without boring them to death.

So thank your lucky stars if you’ve got the chance to have THAT history teacher. You can do so the thanking in more tangible forms by getting the best gifts for history teachers.

We’ve got all the bases covered. From the basic gift items like mugs and shirt which are waaaayy cool with their witty statement prints, to the unexpectedly history touting meter sticks, lamps, even some Boston tea party samplers!

If you want to give the best, then you have come to the right place to look for the best gifts for history teachers.

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  • Antique Purple Feather Quill Pen

    We always appreciate good gifts - those things that have been very well thought of. This elegant feather quill pen is a writing tool and calligraphy set in one. Its elegant, antique, and classic look is a perfect shot to make a meaningful and memorable gift for any history teacher.Check Prices
  • Aristotle and Homer Bust Bookends for History Teachers

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    History, Social Science and Philosophy teachers will truly be delighted with this gift. Aristotle and Homer's busts as bookends show sophistication and love of learning all in one. It is a nice touch to your teacher's personal library or office. It can also be used on their faculty desk or on their bookshelves at home.Check Prices
  • Boston Tea Party Sampler Gift For History Teachers

    Out of all people, your History teacher is probably the most knowledgeable person when it comes to the historical Boston Tea Party. It wasn't exactly a fun party back then, but luckily, the types of tea that were once thrown overboard still has surviving descendants that we can all enjoy today. So give your teacher a taste of the past with this sampler that features all the types of tea that were thrown at the height of the Boston party.Check Prices
  • C & S Bookends Decorative Ancient Egyptian Cat

    If your History teacher loves Cats, they will be in for a surprise on Teacher's Day if you will get this Ancient Egyptian Cat bookends as a gift! It's beautiful, sophisticated, and has an added air of mystery to it that certainly adds up to its overall charm. It is a perfect addition to your teacher's personal library, office or work desk.Check Prices
  • Collectible Energy Stone Mineral Fossil Wand

    Wands are not only in fairy tales. They are in real-life and are perfect to give to your history teacher friends too! This crystal wand is for one is made from ancient marine fossils, and posseses the ability to draw in positive healing energies for the body and the aura.Check Prices
  • Cute Dinosaur T-Rex Necklace

    When a simple thank you just won’t do, charm it up with this dainty little dinosaur gold, rose gold, or silver necklace to warm your favorite history teacher’s heart. The message on the card that comes with it will be sure to let her know how much she you appreciate her.Check Prices
  • Dinosaur 3D Night Light Desk Lamp

    There is that kid in everyone of us - even in your history teacher. This night light is the perfect example for that. When turned on, it creatively illuminates a 3D image of a dinosaur in one steady color, or 7 changing colors.M. It’s the ultimate gift to give to kids and kids at heart.Check Prices
  • Electric Balance Dolphin Kinetic Pendulum

    Give your History teacher a novel and interesting gift that they can also show off at their desk. This Perpetual Machine toy that is designed with Dolphins and Pendulums is a pretty and intriguing desk toy for History teachers and Science professors alike. It can pique curiosity and strike wonder to anyone who comes across it.Check Prices
  • Funny Baby Bodysuit for History Teacher Dads

    Can’t resist to add a little humor to your gift? This cute and funny little romper should suit your needs just right! It’s 100% made of cotton, so no worries on the baby’s comfort. It’s perfect for that history teacher friend who’s having a baby, or even on occasions such as Mother’s Day.Check Prices
  • Funny Iphone Case

    It’s a sure way to get that smile out on the face of a history teacher - a joke that’s funny as it equally makes sense. The humor aside, you can never go wrong to give it as a gift. It’s soft but durable, and its safety features help keep the iPhone from getting slight damages.Check Prices
  • Henry VIII Disappearing Ceramic Coffee Mug

    The most memorable fact about King Henry VIII is that he managed to have 6 wives during his lifetime. What can we say? He is the ultimate chick magnet back in the day. Oops, you did not hear that from us. Best to ask your History teacher about it, just to make sure. While you're at it, why not surprise them with this mug that got Henry VIII and all his wives on it? And if you're wondering what happened to each wife, this mug can give you the details.Check Prices
  • History By the Meter Folding Ruler

    What more can you get from a ruler? Here’s THE gift perfect for your history teacher friend, hubby, bf/gf, or even your self. It’s a perfect ruler - centimeter and inch measurements; PLUS, 2,000 year-old history facts and important periods found on either sides!Check Prices
  • History Teacher By Day Super Mom By Night Funny T-shirt

    It’s the gift for that friend who teaches history with passion and is also a mommy through and through. This shirt is a great gift idea for birthdays or on Mother’s Day, or on any occasion that celebrates the life and passion of that teacher-mom who doesn’t stop at anything at all.Check Prices
  • History Teacher Thermos Bottle

    Doing an all-nighter is a common thing for history teachers, but you can up help up the energy with this insulated thermos bottle (with pro history teacher print) for the cold/hot beverage. It’s the perfect beverage buddy anywhere they go with its standard cup holder fit, plus it’s also spill proof.Check Prices
  • History Teacher Wall Clock Gift

    History is created through the passage of time. If you're looking for the perfect gift that can delight a History teacher, a clock that can help them tell time is indeed a fitting one. This clock is not just any ordinary clock, as it comes with a message especially dedicated for History teachers out there.Check Prices
  • Life Size Great Sphinx of Giza Cardboard Standup

    If your History teacher is planning to set-up an event at school, you can help them make it successful with this life-sized replica of the Great Sphinx of Giza. As one of the 7 wonders of the world, and being an immense historical structure, this can certainly brighten up History-related events and celebrations in your school.Check Prices
  • Long Sleeve History Teacher T-Shirt

    If you want to add some humor to your gift for a history teacher, this long-sleeved t-shirt will surely do that trick well for you. It’s especially designed to poke in a little fun to the life that history teachers tackle daily, making it a good wear during classes or even on ordinary days.Check Prices
  • Looney Labs Chrononauts Card Game

    A time-traveling card game doesn't sound exciting for most people, but your History teacher will certainly appreciate this! Consisting of 135 cards, Chrononauts is a fast-paced time travel card game that can be played by up to 6 players. Players of the game will have a chance to alter history - but one should be careful with paradoxes, or the whole universe would come crashing down.Check Prices
  • Magnetic Mailbox Cover for History Teachers

    Your History teacher will certainly appreciate this unique but useful gift! This magnetic mailbox comes with a customized inscription that can only fit teachers and professors. Don't worry, this magnetic mailbox cover meets US Postal requirements and your teacher can use it right away without any fuss.Check Prices
  • Map Of Mesopotamia Poster

    For history buffs, everything ancient and antique is a treasure. This reproduction of the ancient map of the Holy Land (Israel) and the Cradle of Civilization (Ancient Mesopotamia) is the perfect gift to thank your history teacher for all the history knowledge he/she shared to you.Check Prices
  • MIMOBOT Albert Einstein USB Flash Drive

    Who says only science buffs can appreciate Albert Einstein’s contribution to the world? History teachers do too! His genius mind created huge impact in the history of mankind, after all. And this funny little flash drive will surely be appreciated when given as a gift. It has surprises in store too!Check Prices
  • Mother Earth Goddess Gaia Bronze Statue

    History teachers and Mythology enthusiasts will definitely recognize this little bronze statue as Gaia - the Mother Goddess who is basically the representation of Earth itself. She is also known for giving birth to the Titans. That's definitely enough to tells us that she is not the kind of person that you wanna mess with.Check Prices
  • Natural Canvas Tote Bag

    What makes learning history so important? Let this canvass tote bag speak for that. It’s a great statement bag, which represents a great deal about the passion that drives history teachers to pursue with their work, for everyday use. It’s great to use at work, beach, or even when shopping.Check Prices
  • Proud History Teacher Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    Buy this hot/cold insulated drinkware for the history teacher you know you owe all that historical knowledge you know today. It’s especially designed for history teachers who couldn’t be any more proud with their professions. You know they deserve this handy piece of perfection imprinted with their passion.Check Prices
  • Set of Four Zen Mini Snow Globes

    Snow globes are cute and great for home decoration, but these zen minis are more than that. Uniquely designed and beautifully crafted, they help lessen different stress factors, and, yes, that includes teaching history. A short thank-you note and a set of these pieces will take a long way.
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  • Smithsonian Knowledge: 10 Book Box Set

    Knowledge means power. So maybe more knowledge also means more power? Let your history teacher be the judge of that when he receives this knowledge-packed books set and flash drive from you. It’s great to use in teaching kids. You will not only give a gift, but a fuel to his teaching powers as well. Check Prices
  • Special Teacher Flip Pads Notebook Gift

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    Pens or notebooks are very common gifts. Despite being a cliche, they are still the most useful ones that you can give to every teacher, or professor for that matter. And this one right here, is not just any notebook - it is especially made for special teachers out there. It even comes with a meaningful quote that can certainly relay your gratitude and appreciation on Teacher's Day.Check Prices
  • Sports Water Bottle for History Teachers

    It’s THE stainless steel drink bottle to give to that history teacher who’s also got passion for sports. It’s got a drinking spout and the standard twist on cap to choose from; and also comes with a carabineer for easy and secure attachments. With its design and said features, it’s basically all you need.Check Prices
  • Stainless Steel Travel Mug for History Teachers

    A coffee/tea mug that speaks exactly what a history teacher has in mind? Yes, it exists and here it is. It’s a travel drink ware that’s easy to hold, bring about, and guaranteed spill proof and non-fading. It’s an incredible gift idea for history teachers who appreciate words and humor.Check Prices
  • Thomas Jefferson Quote Engraved Wooden Bookmark

    Make a long and lasting impression to the best history teacher you know with this unique gift item. This bookmark is made from the finest hardwood with a laser engraving of Thomas Jefferson’s quote, “I cannot love without books.” At one look, you know you will love it and so will your teacher.Check Prices
  • World’s Best History Teacher Holiday Silver Ornament

    Many students might not appreciate History as a subject, or their History teacher for that matter. However, teaching the past is not an easy thing. It takes a good and dedicated History teacher to spark the curiosity of every student and let them realize how our History created the modern world. Appreciate their efforts in the most charming way. Get your History teacher a sweet ornamental crystal gift!Check Prices

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