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  • “She Believed She Could So She Did” Keychain

    "She believed she could... so she did." Indeed women have come a long way in empowering themselves in pursuing their dreams simply by believing that they could do it. Gift your beloved lady lawyer with this stainless steel statement keychain with book and scale charms.Check Prices
  • Amazon Exclusive – Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque

    Law students have to go through several years of tedious study just to become lawyers. Once they become lawyers, more battles are still to be won in the courtroom. Keep them inspired and calm in the face of adversity with this plaque that contains a lawyer's prayer. It can be mounted or placed on their desk so they will be reminded of the prayer at any time of the day.Check Prices
  • Appreciation Coffee Tumbler Gift for Adjudicator

    You can call it a boost of self confidence if you will, but this travel mug could be that one inspiring thing you would need in order to get through one tough day in law school. Having it printed on a coffee tumbler is a big plus, knowing that the tumbler could be your only companion as you go through late night studying, where most of the time you spend by questioning your life choices.Check Prices
  • Bey-Berk Legal Decision Maker

    Are you looking for a fun gift that is perfect for a law student? This paperweight decision maker is worthy of consideration! It is a handy buddy in times when your law student friend needs to make personal and career decisions. Law students will certainly find this funny, because it has legal jargon too!Check Prices
  • CAFEPRESS Funny Bar Exam 6oz Stainless Steel Drinking Flask

    For a law student, the bar exam is the ultimate hurdle to tackle. The journey has been long and arduous, and finally the end is in sight. So ease some of the pressure on them with this stainless steel drinking flask which is etched, "If it takes 3 years to get there, it better be one hell of a bar." Of course, it wouldn't hurt if you put in some of those fine drinks before handing those flasks out.Check Prices
  • CafePress Tote Bag For Law Students

    If you are looking for a unique gift that is perfect for lawyers and law students alike, this tote bag might just be it! It can be used for tropical beach vacations, running errands in the grocery, or even during gym and yoga sessions. It also says - Eat. Sleep. Law. These 3 words can sum up a lawyer and law student's life perfectly.Check Prices
  • CafePress Travel Mug For Law Students

    Every law student needs their caffeine fix. How else can they survive reading all those cases and books each day? That's why a Coffee Tumbler is always a great gift idea for them - and this is just the perfect one! It is specifically designed for future lawyers because it says "Be nice to me - I might be your lawyer someday."Check Prices
  • Chrome Plated Lawyer Bookmark

    Law students, lawyers, and judges are expected to read hundreds of pages each day just to study, review the law, or prepare a defense. Some of them might be digital files already, but they may need book references from time to time too. So why not give them a little surprise with this bookmark - complete with an emblem of justice scales.Check Prices
  • ETCHING MEMORIES A Lawyer’s Prayer Engraved on Red Alder

    Studying law is no easy feat. The quality of one's gray matter alone is not a guarantee for passing the bar exams. Inspire an aspiring lawyer to pursue their noble aspiration as an upholder of truth and justice with this etched on wood prayer to Sir Thomas More, patron saint of attorneys. Because, as we all know, our world needs more people like Sir Thomas More.Check Prices
  • Filluck Stainless Steel Necklace For Law Students

    If your special someone is a lawyer or a law student, you know very well how hard it is to win an argument against them. Arguing with a special someone is hard enough by itself - and the struggle is real when they are even trained to argue logically! But even then, show your love and care with this elegant and witty necklace. This gift can certainly win you an argument - for once!Check Prices
  • Funny Stemless Wine Glass For Law Students

    Law students have to deal with stressful days and generally bad weeks at school. It could be a failing mark, mind-bending tests, and a handful of bad oral recitations. But hey - bad days can be overcome with a little wine, right? So why not surprise a law student friend with this funny stemless wine glass that can go well with whatever mood they are in.Check Prices
  • Funny Travel Mug For Law Students

    Law students have to read loads of cases and books each day. And if you ask any one of them, you would realize that they barely have any social life at all. So if you want to brighten up their day a bit, try surprising them with a useful mug that can keep their coffee warm while bearing a funny quote at the same time!Check Prices
  • Infinity Scarf For Law Students

    We are all aware that lawyers have to suit up whenever they need to face the court and defend a client. So why not surprise a lawyer or law student friend with this stylish scarf that can certainly go along well with their slacks and blazers? Go on, help them defend their case in the courtroom with some flair and style!Check Prices
  • Jacket Hoodies For Law Students

    Help a classmate or law student friend become more comfortable and snug during the cold season with this stylish hoodie! It is particularly designed for law students, because it says "I have no life. I'm in law school," which is more or less true - but tell your friend that this is just all in the name of good fun and friendship, eh?Check Prices
  • JennyGems Plaque For Law Students

    Surprise a lawyer friend with this funny lawyer plaque that they can proudly display on their work desk, office, or at home! It says "All you need is love... and a good attorney." That sure is something to greet a potential client, right? This plaque can also be a great graduation gift for law students.Check Prices
  • Josh Bach Law Themed Rollerball Pen

    Case files and lawyer notes might be digitized, but when it comes to affixing signatures, lawyers still need to do it the old school way - with the use of a good sign pen. Surprise a colleague or lawyer friend with this elegant pen that is accented with a Lady Justice clip. It's the perfect gift for birthdays, Holidays, or as a congratulatory gift after a victorious legal battle!Check Prices
  • KURT ADLER Scales Of Justice With Law Books Ornament

    Lucky charms, amulets, and good luck. Well, most levelheaded people swear they would never believe in such nonsense. But anyone on the verge of facing their greatest challenges would welcome any encouragement as they face it, like say the the bar exams for a law student perhaps? If you are looking for a simple but inspiring gift for a bar taker, this Scales of Justice ornament is a simple yet beautiful way of letting them know that you are rooting for them.Check Prices
  • Lady Justice Marble Statue

    If you are looking for the right congratulatory gift for a friend who has just passed the bar, this Lady Justice statue could be the best one so far! It is perfect for their personal work desk, office space, or law firm in the future. This can also make as a great desk accessory gift for judges and justices alike.Check Prices
  • Lawsuit! Legal-Themed Family Board Game

    If you know someone who is from a family of lawyers (or if you are from a family of lawyers yourself), you might find this board game to be the next big thing during upcoming family game nights! Have a little legal-themed game that is not just challenging, but very entertaining and informative at the same time. Who says law is boring?Check Prices
  • MECAI “Trust Me I’m A Lawyer” 11 OZ Coffee Mug

    Give some humor to an aspiring lawyer who probably spends his day with books and coffee with this funny mug that says, "TRUST ME I'M (almost) A LAWYER". That would surely make their mornings or late nights not only funnier, but also inspire them that a few more books and tankfuls of coffee to go, and they are ALMOST there.Check Prices
  • Pillow Cushion Cover For Law Students

    Every law student has to pass through terrible professors, endure grueling exams, and study hundreds of case notes and books each day just to get a law degree and become a lawyer. It can be exhausting. So if you want to comfort a dear law student friend, this pillow cushion is perfect for them! Aside from bringing comfort, it also gives them a short motivational message to help them keep going.Check Prices
  • Scales of Justice Charm Bangle

    The legal profession may have been once a male-dominated career, but not anymore! Many females have become successful lawyers, judges, and paralegals for many years now. And if you know a friend who just finished a tedious law degree, surprise them with this law student graduation charm! This gift will certainly be a delight for an upcoming female lawyer.Check Prices
  • Scales of Justice Etched 8 Oz Stainless Steel Flask

    There is just something about liquor flask that seem to exude gentleman fashion. This classic piece of accessory has a long history and having one on your person not only makes you look good, but also gives the vibe of a gentleman of leisure. It has a scales of justice etched on its surface, making it a more personal choice for those in the judiciary service.Check Prices
  • Scales of Justice Keychain Gift

    Looking for a gift that is perfect for a friend who is working in the legal profession? Look no further - this key chain is designed to suit lawyers, paralegals, judges, and law students alike! It is engraved with a brilliant quote that is fitting for any aspiring and practicing lawyer. This is a great friendship gift for any occasion!Check Prices
  • Scales Of Justice Mason Handled Jar Beer Mug Gift

    Here is a mug that speaks for itself. With a hand etched design of a weighing scale, it does not need words to show that it is owned by one who has an inclination in the justice system. This is a perfect good luck gift to any law student who needs all the help they can get to pass the bar exams with flying colors.Check Prices
  • Silver Plated Legal Scales Business Card Case Holder

    Are you looking for an elegant yet useful gift to give your favorite lawyer or lawyer-to-be? This business card holder is the right gift for you. The case is made with a stunning silver plated finish and embellished with a sleek striped design. The scales of justice symbol is made with gold plated brass. This is a great personalized gift with a name, monogram of company logo on it.Check Prices
  • Sports Water Bottle For Law Students

    Despite a tight study schedule, law students should also take care of themselves and exercise once in a while for good health. This sports water bottle is a perfect gift, because it does not just store cool water for hyrdration, but it also comes with a quote that is perfect for law students and aspiring lawyers!Check Prices
  • Sterling Silver Gavel Necklace

    Everyone knows that when a judge pounds their gavel, they are trying to make the law work in the court room - and that alone commands respect, not just because of the judge's authority, but also because they enforce the rule of law. The gavel is such an important symbol for everyone in the legal profession, and it also makes for an elegant necklace too!Check Prices
  • Symbols of Law and Justice Gift Pen with Light and Stylus Tip

    As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword. And for any law professional, this saying is never truer. And if you are looking for something inspirational and useful, this pen is your ultimate gift for any friend, family, or loved one who practice law or are working in law enforcement.Check Prices
  • Unframed Scales of Justice Patent Prints Decor

    Looking for quality artwork to adorn a lawyer's office? Here is one that shows a patent print of a scale. It is a great piece of decor that works well with a vintage theme. The print is made on high quality Fuji Crystal Archive paper which gives it a look of old fashioned authenticity.Check Prices
  • Walnut Wood Gavel and Sound Block

    Aside from the scales of justice, another iconic symbol for justice is the gavel and sound block. If you are one the lookout for a superior made gavel and sound block, then we've got you covered. Handcrafted and made with solid walnut wood, this gavel and sound block are made with excellent workmanship and quality. It is made in the USA.Check Prices
  • Waterproof Canvas Leather Laptop Bag

    Law students have to carry around copies of cases and books with them. Luckily, these documents can be reduced to digital files nowadays, so law students and lawyers only need to bring around a trusty laptop. This leather bag is a great gift that can help them carry around laptops in a safe and convenient way!Check Prices

Showing all 32 results