Best Gifts for Movie Lovers

Everyone knows that someone who just seem to go crazy about movies. They are the ones that spout off movie lingo as though it is their mother tongue. They also seem to know more movie trivias than movie stars themselves.

Trying to find a gift for movie buffs can be challenging. Their superiority on everything related to film makes it hard to find the perfect gifts for movie lovers.

If you are on the hunt for a gift for the movie buffs in your life, then look no more. Here are the items for the best gifts for movie lovers.

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  • “Eat. Sleep. Movies.” Two Tone Statement Mug

    After a long tiring day at work, who wouldn’t wish for a life that’s all EAT, SLEEP, and MOVIES (or maybe not a lifetime of it, but definitely a day or two!), especially movie lovers? Whether or not it becomes a reality, have your friend or loved one get a glimpse of that wish every single day while having a cuppa. Go ahead, make them smile with your gift.Check Prices
  • “I Speak Fluent Movie Quotes” T-Shirt

    Who utters movie quotes with so much eloquence and realness than that friend or family who never fails at making get togethers a lot more enjoyable? Make sure he or she is appreciated with this gift item that will be the best gift he or she has received from you. It’s on point and the humor’s not lost on him or her too.Check Prices
  • Ambesonne Director’s Accessories Fabric Shower Curtain

    Transform a regular bathroom into a perfect scene for movie lovers with this shower curtain from Ambesonne. It’s designed to suit the tastes of movie lovers, aspiring directors and actors, and those who love working in a filming crew. It’s finely made and its high resolution creates a great depth in the colors of the picture. Quality-wise, it’s a great present!Check Prices
  • Ambesonne Movie Theater Cat Throw Pillow Cover

    If you got a friend who is a cat person and a movie lover at the same time, then you would know that this is the right gift for them. This pillow cover features a cat who is more or less ready for a movie! It has already secured popcorn and drinks, and has already worn 3D glasses already. What is this cat waiting for? A movie buddy of course.Check Prices
  • Ambesonne Movie Theater Coaster Set

    Would you like to surprise a friend by giving their tableware some much needed Hollywood touch? This 4-set movie-themed coasters can do the trick! It is designed with classic movie essentials such as popcorn snacks, a reel, and old school 3D glasses. Its non-slip hardboard backing can also protect their furniture from damage.Check Prices
  • AMC Reel Clues Movie Board Game

    Put a little oomph in your gift for a film buff or a regular movie enthusiast friend or family. This board game isn’t your ordinary movie trivia game off the shelf. It’s packed with so much activities that even regular people who appreciate random movies would very much enjoy. Pump up simple gatherings and make it ultimately fun you’d all look forward for more!Check Prices
  • Carnus Home Popcorn Maker Machine

    No movie marathon is complete without plenty of Popcorn and other snacks. So before you and your friends schedule another slumber party and movie/Netflix marathon, make sure you go prepared with this home Popcorn-making machine! If the movie turns out to be bad, well at least you get to eat lots of Popcorn.Check Prices
  • Dancing Groot Speaker Boombox

    Sale! $46.32 $18.99
    Movie and comic lovers, and Marvel enthusiasts of any age will never forget this cute dancing little character, which was a remnant of the huge endearing creature that almost broke everyone’s heart to a million pieces. This dancing baby Groot speaker will definitely paint a huge smile on the face of its new owner. Give it and yours will be the most adorable and memorable gift.Check Prices
  • Death Star Vintage Vinyl Music Record Wall Clock

    Who would have thought that a vintage vinyl record would make a great wall clock, and with a unique Star Wars design at that? Spark up your friend or family’s love for Star Wars. This wall clock does not only conveniently serves to tell the time, its unique vintage design also makes it a great wall decoration.Check Prices
  • Gift Republic 100 Movies Bucket List Poster

    Everyone has his or her own bucket lists. While others have a long list of places to travel, someone special you know have a long list of movies to watch. Give his or her list a bit of surprise with this scratch-off movies-to-watch. Movie nights can never be more fun, thrilling, and exciting with the surprises that await the movie lover in him or her.Check Prices
  • Godfather Movie Logo Whiskey Glass

    Want to WOW him with a gift that comprises his love for movies? This beautifully handcrafted licensed The Godfather collectible glass will definitely sweep him off his feet. It may only be a glass but it symbolizes power, respect, and love. It’s perfect to give on birthdays and other days that are special to both of you.Check Prices
  • Golden Bell Studios Movie Buff Trivia Card Game

    Sale! $24.95 $23.95
    Movie buffs and board/card game aficionados will definitely have a grand time with this new poppin’ new card game with tons of trivia from all movies of different genres! It’s play time that’s gotten even better! It’s mind stimulating and overflowing with so much fun. Get you family or friend the most exciting movie game experience there is.Check Prices
  • Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set

    Gourmet popcorn on a movie night? That’s definitely going to get a big YES from your movie lover friends and family! You don’t need to wait for a birthday or any other special occasion to give this as a gift. You can totally give it at any time, just because you remembered the person you know spends more time in movies than in other activities.Check Prices
  • Home Theater Vinyl Record Wall Clock

    Can’t decide which gift is best to give to a movie lover on his or her birthday? Worry no more. We’ve got it covered for you. This vinyl-record-turned-wall-clock is the perfect solution to make a lasting good impression to any movie and vintage lover at heart. It’s delicately designed to wow every eye that it catches. It’s great for movie rooms too!Check Prices
  • iClever Mini Portable Video LED Projector

    Movie nights at home will never be the same again with this purely satisfying mini LED projector. It makes viewing so much better especially for large gatherings. Feed the appetite of a friend or loved one who just cannot get enough of movies with something that’s sure to make a remarkable difference in their movie watching experience.Check Prices
  • Mini LED Cinematic Light Box Home Decor

    Let your friend of loved one express his or her thoughts better in a creative manner. This gift item works great with movie lovers who enjoy the old-fashioned cinema. It makes a party glow with enthusiasm, and can also be a great bonding tool at home with the family, or on movie night marathons. It’s simple but fun, definitely will be a showstopper.Check Prices
  • Movie Buff Vintage T-shirt for Cinema Fans

    Nothing could be any much closer to the truth of the character of your friend or family whose love for movies is greater than life itself. This tee is best given on his or her birthday, or on occasions when you want to appreciate him or her for a job well done, or for simply being there for you. It’s specially designed to delight the person who totally owns it.Check Prices
  • Movie Lover Degree Diploma Certificate

    What gift is apt to give to someone who knows a wide variety of movies of different genre and time? This diploma will surely give your movie lover friend a big hearty laugh on his or her birthday or on any day that celebrates his or her achievements in life. Or especially when he or she is feeling down, it’s a sure way to lift his or her spirits up!Check Prices
  • Movie Theater Cinema Theme Throw Pillow

    Want to help a friend put up a Hollywood-themed room or apartment? This cinema-themed pillow case set might just be what they need! It has 4 unique designs which represent old school cinema aesthetic - such as a clapboard, movie tickets, and a countdown timer. Fabric is made from 100% cotton material to ensure maximum comfort and use.Check Prices
  • Movie Trivia Tin-A Night At the Movies

    So who’s the ultimate movie buff? Let your friend challenge anyone who dares claim his or her throne with this movie trivia game. The trivia covers a whole lot of movies that will surely challenge every movie enthusiast. Create a more lively gathering of friends and family, and see who will truly stand out among the rest.Check Prices
  • Original Whirley Pop Gift Set with Stove Top Popcorn Popper

    Movies and popcorn? Nothing can be better that these two combined for a great movie experience. So treat a movie lover with this popcorn and popcorn popper set that’s great for indoor movie watching enjoyed with family and friends. It’s a complete set to guarantee a completely great movie watching experience, sans the humongous cinema screen.Check Prices
  • Peace Love Movies Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Sale! $25.20 $22.18
    It’s not only fitness buffs or gym goers who need and appreciate a handy water bottle. Movie lovers are just like them. Keep you friend or spouse from having to keep purchasing bottled water everytime he or she goes out for a movie. Or save them having to stand and get some water and miss out on many things. Keep it practical, and your receiver will unlikely disapprove.Check Prices
  • PopSockets Grip and Stand for Gadgets

    Here’s another chance to make that someone special who also happens to be a movie buff, or maybe an actor, smile. It makes a great birthday gift for occasions like birthday, graduation, or any occasion at all that celebrates the person’s life and accomplishments whether or not it’s in the film industry.Check Prices
  • Rustic Film Equipment Wall Hooks

    Great gifts don’t always need to be expensive, shiny, and sparkling. In most cases, practical ones make more lasting impressions—especially when they are cleverly created. This coat hanger will definitely be loved by a certified movie lover. The cute and unique designs make the hangers work great as wall accessories as well. Make that impression now.Check Prices
  • Star Wars Chewie Welcome Home Doormat

    If your friend is an avid Star Wars fan, let the force come along with them at home. This welcome door mat says, "Chewie, we're home," as a tribute to Hans Solo's most loyal friend. It is made with plush nylon, and is comfortable enough to be used on the front door, on the bedroom, or on bathroom entrances!Check Prices
  • Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars The Black Series Edition

    Sale! $40.33 $22.99
    No movie lover has never heard of the Star Wars or never saw a glimpse of any of its renowned saga who did not love it and know everything about it by heart. Does your friend say he’s the ultimate movie buff? Time to test that claim with this trivial pursuit on the epically successful Star Wars saga. Give it a try too and you might have a chance of taking the crown.Check Prices
  • Vintage Camera Bookends Gift For Movie Lovers

    If you are looking for the perfect gift that you can give to a friend who loves books and films so much, then your search is over! This set of bookends is designed like a vintage movie projector that will not just successfully hold up books together, but it can also give every room a nice, elegant touch as well. Perfect for broadcast students, film students, movie and book lovers!Check Prices
  • Wabash Valley Farms Plastic Popcorn Bowl Set

    Movie marathon nights are always fun with friends and family! However, there are times when only 1 or 2 people get to enjoy a big share of the Popcorn that was prepared for the movie. Well, not anymore! With these Popcorn bowls, all of you will certainly get a fair share of Popcorn snacks from now on.Check Prices
  • Whirley Pop Open Fire Popcorn Popper Set

    Let your gift be poppin’ with good news and an even better item this time. This portable popcorn popper is just what your friend or family needs for an outdoor movie adventure (it doesn’t even matter if the “campfire” is happening at the backyard). This thing will make movie nights more fun for the young ones and those young-at-heart.Check Prices

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