Best Gifts for Personal Trainers

“Hup! Two! Three! Four!”

Looking for a gift for your personal trainer?

They may treat you like you’re in military camp, but those hardcore gym workouts deserve to be rewarded. As the saying goes, there is nothing to gain with out the pain and it’s best to show appreciation with our selection of the best gifts ideas for your trainer.

True, personal trainers do get pushy and bossy, but they do it with your best interests in sight. They see the bigger picture, way beyond the huffing and puffing that you do on the gym floor. You may not appreciate it while you sweat out like a pig, but your trainer pushes to make you become the best of who you can be.

So scroll down and check out the best gifts for personal trainers that we have picked out for you. Don’t worry, all of them will put you under their good graces. And who knows, it might save you a few laps for your jog.

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  • “I Don’t Work Out I Level Up” Tank Top

    Level-up your gift-giving with this “I Don't Work Out I Level Up” tank top, fit your personal trainer or that friend of yours of that profession. Great to wear on workouts, short trip to the store, or just anywhere casual. Make your gift count with this shirt, on or without occasion.Check Prices
  • “Keep Calm I’m a Personal Trainer” Coffee Mugs

    Break that boring morning coffee-time with this funny mug customized for a personal trainer. The pain may be real and it may be throbbing all over, but let him/her know that you really trust his/her judgement and that he/she knows what he/she is making you do. So you keep calm and let him/her know that.Check Prices
  • 2 Pack Reusable Ice Cold Gel Compress

    Injuries and body pain from exercising and workouts are inevitable. Whether it was caused accidentally, or if it was due to strain and overwork, everyone would need a cold compress and some medicine to manage the pain. Even your personal trainer need this too. Get them this ice cold compress that will certainly be useful in your trainer's personal first aid kit!Check Prices
  • 25-Week Workout Log Book & Fitness Journal

    Journal for a personal trainer? Why not? This premium journal is not like any other. Let your trainer record and keep track of his/her own progress and achieve more personal goals. It’s great quality, practical, and a unique gift item that totally fits every personal trainer’s performance tracking.Check Prices
  • Activiva Hot or Cold Water Bottle

    Funny but right-on motivational. It’s what the print says on this insulated bottle for cold and hot drinks. The bottle even comes with a cooling off towel. It’s the best practical gift to give your personal trainer who makes you workout like there’s no more tomorrow.Check Prices
  • ADVPRO Personal Training LED Neon Light Display

    Personal trainers also need to market themselves. Help your very own trainer catch the attention of potential clients and everyone in the neighborhood with this LED Neon Light Sign Display! It is energy-efficient, made with a 3D surface design, and can last up to 50,000 hours of use. It also comes with a guaranteed 1 year warranty upon purchase.Check Prices
  • Aluminum Water Bottle with Carabiner Clip

    If there’s someone crazy about being and staying healthy, that would be your personal trainer. This gift, which can be given on or even without any occasion, is perfect for keeping the body hydrated whole day. Added with a dash of humor, you know your trainer will totally love it.Check Prices
  • CafePress Pint Glass for Personal Trainers

    One of the things that you most probably hear from your personal trainer is that, you have to hydrate yourself well. To appreciate what they do for you and your health, why not surprise them with a little gift that can also help them refresh after sessions? Here's a pint glass that's specifically customized for them!Check Prices
  • ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow For Pain Relief

    Goodbye painful and sleepless nights! ComfiLife's Orthopedic pillow is designed to relieve back pain, leg and knee pain (sciatica), hip pain and joint pains. Made with high-intensity memory foam, this pillow can give comfort and a good night's sleep every time. Your personal trainer will surely be delighted with this gift, especially after working long and hard for your own fitness and health!Check Prices
  • Compact Mirror for Personal Trainers

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    After every session, your personal trainer has to freshen up too! So if you're looking for a useful gift, this compact mirror can certainly be it. It's simple, functional, sturdy and designed especially for personal trainers and coaches out there. It comes in a blue-colored rectangle that has 2 mirrors inside.Check Prices
  • Ergodyne Absorptive Multifunctional Lime Headwear

    Sale! $15.20 $11.25
    If your personal trainer is also an avid outdoor adventurer, they might find this multifunctional headwear useful. It serves as comfortable protection from the sun, dust and wind - especially during hiking, trekking or camping. Made with moisture-managing fabric, this HiVis Lime headwear is stink-resistant but machine washable for easy clean-up.Check Prices
  • Funny Personal Trainer Keychain

    Add a bit of humor into your thank-you gift for your personal trainer. This stainless steel key chain with "Don't make me use my personal trainer voice" print will definitely free a bubble of laughter from your trainer. It also has a tiny dumbbell tangling to go along with the key chain for more character.Check Prices
  • Health O Meter Digital Measuring Tape

    Sale! $17.90 $13.07
    With this Health-O-Meter, your personal trainer can monitor weight and fitness in a more convenient and stylish manner! It can track and store information for weight and even muscle gain. Aside from that, this digital health meter can double as a measurement tool for 8 different body parts, as it is capable of stretching over 6 feet in length.Check Prices
  • High Precision Body Weight Bathroom Scale

    Diet and exercise are the main programs of weight loss, but it would be hard to achieve a fitness goal if you can't monitor your progress properly. What you need is a Digital Body Weight Scale that will not just monitor weight, but also integrates with a health app and fitness tracker on iOS and Android for a more comprehensive weight loss program. Your personal trainer will love this - it will make it easier for them to monitor everyone's progress!Check Prices
  • Hydr-8 Timed Water Bottle for Personal Trainers

    Have you ever wondered if your personal trainer have moments of weakness too? Like when they crave badly for pizza, fries and burgers? Or when they binge on cakes and treats because of a bad day? Give them a gift that can remind them to stay strong! This water bottle might just be the little notice they need to stop themselves - and it might even help you too!Check Prices
  • Jacket with Hoodie for Personal Trainers

    Doing exercises during the early hours of the morning calls for comfortable and warm clothes - just like this hoodie right here. Your personal trainer will love this one. It is a great addition to their workout wardrobe, since it is extremely useful when the weather is not exactly friendly. It also reflects the character of your trainer - as an amazing person!Check Prices
  • Modetro Sports Posture Corrector Spinal Support

    We all know how health-conscious personal trainers are. They make sure they work out each day, eat the right food and live an active lifestyle. Another thing that they may try to work on is the perfect posture, and this one right here is the perfect tool to help them keep their backs straight. Surprise them with this functional gift as a token of your appreciation!Check Prices
  • NOVICA Rustic Weightlifter Iron Sculpture

    This handcrafted sculpture from NOVICA makes an interesting gift item. It’s unique and especially designed for fitness buffs and personal trainers. It’s also made from reclaimed materials, so every part it is ecological. Make your thank-you gift or whatever-occasion gift special and heartfelt with this novelty.Check Prices
  • Personal Trainer Definition T-Shirt

    Funny and quirky. This statement t-shirt will definitely put a big smile on your personal trainer’s face. It’s simple but the humor is spot-on and nothing can be better said about trainers. This item makes a great birthday or thank-you gift - and even on random days without any occasion.Check Prices
  • Personal Trainer Nutrition Facts Funny T-Shirt

    What makes up a fitness buff? This statement shirt has the answer to that, which your personal trainer will obviously love. It’s casual and especially wearable post workouts. Whether a thank-you gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift, or no-occasion gift, this t-shirt will work just fine.Check Prices
  • Personalized Weight Lifter Christmas Ornament

    Now that the holidays are fast approaching, you might be thinking of giving a little surprise gift for your personal trainer. Forget the usual lights, stars and balls for Holiday decorations, surprise them with a unique ornament that can easily reflect their personality. Yup, this cross-fit ornament with dumbbells will be a great addition to a trainer's kit!Check Prices
  • Shaker Bottle Cup with Blender Ball

    Shake things up a bit with this protein shaker cup! It’s the ideal gift for that personal trainer of yours who deserves more than a little treat as a thank you from you. It’s spill-resistant and so convenient to bring around — perfect for people always on-the-go!Check Prices
  • Stack 52 Bodyweight Exercise Card Game

    Forget workout equipment and fancy gym accessories. Your personal trainer needs to come up with old school but fun and effective ways of exercising, such as using this fitness card game right here! Your trainer or coach can use it for their own routine, or they can even share the strategy to other clients as well.Check Prices
  • Stack 52 Fitness Dice Box Set

    Deciding on a gift for your personal trainer? You don’t need to look far. Here’s something lasting and useful. This unique gift item puts in a little twist in short daily exercise routines. It doesn’t need any equipment, and can be enjoyed alone or with a group. It makes exercising more fun and challenging.Check Prices
  • Stack 52 HIIT Interval Workout Card Game

    There are certainly many apps today that can help you track and do exercises, but doing it the old school way has its charms too. We're not even talking about the usual gym or workout equipment, we're talking about a card game that can help you do high intensity workouts! It's a great gift for personal trainers, gym buffs and friends who are struggling to come up with an exercise routine.Check Prices
  • TooLoud Baseball Cap for Personal Trainers

    Surely, your personal trainer have to spend hours under the sun just to motivate you and other people to do exercises. If you want to give them a little something to show gratitude and appreciation, a nice hat will do. But not just any hat, it's better if it is made especially for personal trainers like this one from TooLoud.Check Prices
  • Unisex Motivational Silicone Wristbands 6 Pack Set

    Even personal trainers need constant motivations to keep up with a healthy exercise routine too, right? So surprise them with a simple bundle of appreciation through this silicone wristbands! Each wristband is imprinted with motivational words that can help them power up throughout the day. Available in adult unisex size (for men, women and teens).Check Prices
  • Vulken 4 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

    A vibrating foam roller for deep muscle massage, how’s that for a gift? It’s the best accessory to use pre- and post-workout sessions. Its intensity is just perfect for muscle tensions and it works great on many exercise positions. Your personal trainer will definitely love it and thank the heavens for you.Check Prices
  • Workout Long Sleeve Tee for Personal Trainers

    Give your personal trainer something fashionable and comfortable that also reflects their true personality and lifestyle! This workout tee is great for gym sessions and even jogging or walking sessions. It is made from 100% cotton and printed with the words, "Good Things Come To Those Who Plank." Well, we really can't argue with that.Check Prices

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