Best Gifts for Professors

All of us have had our fair share of teachers and professors in our lives. Some are nice and some are meh– forgotten as life moves on. But there are those that seem to have etched themselves in our minds and in our hearts.

It doesn’t matter whether they are the ones that inspire learning or nightmares. You can show their value by giving out something from our well thought out gifts for professors list!

Show those super mentors the love by giving them gifts for professors that are indeed as amazing as they have been in your life.

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  • “Teacher” Angel Figurine

    Give your favorite professor or teacher a sweet and thoughtful gift that can brighten up his/her work desk or living room. This Angel figurine has a short dedication for educators: "Teachers Inspire the Dreams of Tomorrow." It also comes with its very own gift box for an added elegance and good presentation.Check Prices
  • 2 Touch A Life 4-Ever Teacher Keepsake

    If you're looking for a unique and intimate way to say thanks to a favorite professor or teacher on Teacher's day (or even during your Graduation day), get them a personalized message through this paperweight teacher keepsake. This keepsake can be customized to imprint or engrave your teacher's name, school, year, and your personal note, of course!Check Prices
  • Acrylic Travel Sippy Cup with Straw

    Give your professor or teacher a cool and novel gift to remember you by. Yup, this acrylic cup with straw does not just contain words of dedication for an educator, but it is functional enough for it to be used while they are on the go! They can bring this during trips, or they can use it at school when they have to check papers up until the late hours at night.Check Prices
  • Alxeani 3pcs Teacher Keychain Set

    If you want to give a gift to not just 1, but 3 professors or teachers during appreciation day without necessarily spending a fortune, this 3-pc keychain set is probably the best bet you have. Each keychain is engraved with a short dedication that is perfect for every professor, teacher, principal or academician. Keychains are made from stainless steel, and are guaranteed to be damp and rust-proof.Check Prices
  • Bracelet Bangle

    A good professor deserves an elegant gift. Like this Bracelet Bangle which is made with Rhinestones and rust-resistant stainless steel. It comes with a short dedication too, of course! Your professor or teacher will certainly find this stylish and lovely to wear. This makes for a great Teacher's Day gift or Christmas gift.Check Prices
  • Brown Sticky Notes Holder

    A fantastic little gift, with a special note. It is a small block made from durable acrylic stand with 300 blank sticky notes and a dispenser that is packaged as a bow. Most of all, it bears the words "World's Best Teacher" - a short but effective message to any professor that may have created an impact in your life.Check Prices
  • CafePress Stainless Steel Travel Mug

    We all have a professor who is very particular about the class syllabus. All the lessons and topics for the semester are scheduled and followed from point to point. Well, why not surprise this professor with a tumbler that will certainly reflect their personality? Yup, this stainless steel travel mug can keep your professor's drink hot (or cold) while also reflecting their own personality.Check Prices
  • Ceramic Bowls Set of Four

    Honestly, it's quite hard to look for the perfect gift for a favorite Math or Science professor at school. They might like books, but you might just end up picking the wrong title for them. So if you're looking for a novel but functional gift for your favorite professor (or for yourself), this ceramic pudding bowl set from the Unemployed Philosophers Guild (allegedly) is worth a try.Check Prices
  • Composition Notebook Tote Bag

    It’s not only books that bookworms and bibliophiles appreciate. This gift item is one of its kind. It’s open top, large, spacious, sturdy, convenient, and very statement-y. Even non-book lovers would love to own, use, and flaunt this item. You’ll definitely be a head turner.Check Prices
  • Cool Water Bottle

    "Keep Calm or I Will Use My Anatomy Professor Voice." Well, this water bottle says a lot. Made from high quality stainless steel, this water bottle is great for professors who are fond of bikes, jogs or doing exercises at the gym. Treat that professor with this water bottle gift to show how thoughtful you are.Check Prices
  • DCI Pop Quiz Mathematics Clock

    Sale! $32.17 $24.77
    Tell the time through an interesting brain exercise through DCI's Pop Quiz Mathematics Clock! Instead of the usual numbers, this clock presents you Mathematical equations that you have to solve to know what time it is. It's mind-boggling, but a good exercise to sharpen your numeric skills nonetheless! It could be a great gift for professors, Math teachers, accountants, bankers and engineers.Check Prices
  • Don’t Make Me Use My Teacher Voice Shirt

    Teachers aren't only found in classrooms. They can be our moms, friends, or even bosses too (well, they use that voice from time to time, don’t they?). So you know, this gift is perfect for all those “teachers” you know or maybe even for the “teacher” within. For any occasion or your own occasion.Check Prices
  • DR.J Lumens Mini Projector With 170 Inch Display

    Planning to binge watch a new series this weekend? Take that to the next level with this portable mini projector from Dr.J! With its 170" display and universal compatibility, you can take the big-screen experience home and enjoy a more intimate viewing experience with family and friends during the weekends. This projector can also be used for film viewing during classes, or as entertainment viewing during proms and homecoming parties.Check Prices
  • Einstein Novelty Fun Shower Curtain

    If you want to delight a favorite Science professor with a unique and novel gift, you can't go wrong with this Novelty Fun Shower Curtain that has cartoon Einstein all over it! Made from polyester, this shower curtain is machine washable, waterproof and mold-resistant. And of course, free hooks are included!Check Prices
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener

    Your professor is the busy type and doesn't have time to tend to the smallest detail in life. This portable and chargeable pencil sharpener is a perfect thank you gift as it gives that pencil the perfect tip, according to preference. It’s durable and easy to use and clean. What else are you looking for?Check Prices
  • Engraved Pen with LED Light and Stylus Tip

    Elegant and functional - this is what this gift is all about. Your professor will love this pen, especially because it is engraved with an inspiring Socrates quote, "Education is the kindling of the flame." Its stylus tip will make writing easy and free-flowing. It also comes with its own special satin-line gift box, perfect for professors, teachers, deans and principals.Check Prices
  • Ernest Hemingway Engraved Quote Pen

    Planning to give something special to a favorite literary professor on the end of the year? This Ernest Hemingway pen might just be the perfect choice. It bears a very meaningful Hemingway quote, "In order to write about life, you must live it first." It is also engraved with the classic author's signature! This gift is also great for English teachers, authors and writers who are close to your heart.Check Prices
  • Funky Wall Hook & Coat Hanger

    Put a twist on your gift of appreciation. It’s more than just a coat hanger. It’s quirky as it comes with a sticker to make it look like a lion or a funny version of Edward Munch’s The Scream. And there are three other designs you can choose from. You won’t regret giving this new and original gift idea.Check Prices
  • Funny Professor Gift Shirt

    Professors have their own personality too (of course), and if you are looking for a gift that can reflect their character in a good way, this funny t-shirt might just be it. It is imprinted with the words, "Read the syllabus." Does that remind you of any professor or teacher? Go ahead. Surprise them with this gift!Check Prices
  • Genuine Leather Duffel Weekend Bag

    Travelling light but don’t want to lose that look? This bag’s for you. It’s durable, trusty, and roomy to accomodate your essentials. It won’t let you choose between practicality and fashion. It’s basically both in one bag. It definitely screams macho and you know, deep down, you know that's OK.Check Prices
  • Gift Basket for Teachers

    Figurines and mugs are so yesterday. If you want to surprise a professor or teacher on Teacher's Day or on Graduation Day, give them something that contains all the goodies. This gift basket has a bouquet, some scrumptious goodies, chocolates, cookies and more. Most of all, it is wrapped in a pretty box full of flowers and ribbons for a delightful presentation.Check Prices
  • Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

    Sale! $30.11 $24.99
    You want it fast but hate fast food. For lifestyles that are always on-the-go, this is the perfect gadget. This is a hot find for a cooker that saves you tons of time because it lets you cook a hearty meal in one go, and is super convenient as it is dishwasher safe too.Check Prices
  • I Teach Therefore I Drink Whiskey Glass

    Let them relax and have a warm and soothing drink. Yes, professors and teachers need that too! This great find is perfect to give to your professor, teacher, your child’s teacher, or that teacher-friend who you know needs a pint of good humor to unwind, even on a workday!Check Prices
  • Kavalan Rechargeable Wireless Presenter

    This wireless presenter is the perfect modern gift you can give to any professor. It can help them present lessons and files to a large class with ease and simplicity, and they can discuss while roaming around freely in any classroom. It's also completely rechargeable, has an operative range of up to 35 ft. and comes in an elegant, sleek aluminum design.Check Prices
  • Kikkerland Potted Pen Stand

    Sale! $11.48 $11.02
    Leave your favorite professor with good memories by giving this potted pen stand from Kikkerland. It can be used as a decorative accessory on a professor's desk, and it also doubles as a pen/pencil holder, and it can hold notes of all kinds. No maintenance needed, the plant is only artificial and it doesn't need water!Check Prices
  • Leather Brown Professor Briefcase Bag

    If you are tired of carrying around different cases and organizers for your documents and laptop, here's a solution for you - a leather briefcase bag that is designed and created for professors and people who work in the academe (in general). It can fit in a 17-inch laptop and hold different papers through its multiple pockets that can help you get sorted. Durable and functional, it's perfect for daily use!Check Prices
  • Math Formula Silk Necktie

    Translate a friend‘s or a loved one’s love for math with this slim cut tie that’s got tiny formula prints on its silk body. Trust it to be a perfect gift for that man in your life who thinks math is cool.Check Prices
  • Meibai Teachers Bracelet Cuff Bangle

    Still haven't found the right bracelet for a professor? Here's something that they might like: a fancy bangle engraved with the words, "Thank You For Helping Me Grow," and "Life Is a Journey and Your Words Are a Guiding Light." It also comes in two different color variations: silver and rose gold.Check Prices
  • Mini Audio Voice Recorder

    It’s quite small and light but don’t let all that deceive you. The device can hold up more than you think. It can store up to 140 hrs of recording with its 8G capacity and 20 hrs non stop when fully charged. Now, this is a gift that your professor would definitely appreciate.Check Prices
  • Mini Waist Apron

    For professors who love to cook or are compelled to do house chores each week, what could be a good gift? We are betting on this mini waist apron which will not just protect your professor's clothes from dirt and food leftover, but it also shows how teaching is their other super power. Delight your professor with this apron on their birthday or on appreciation day!Check Prices
  • Mug With Bamboo Lid/Coaster

    Sale! $27.79 $16.95
    Like students, professors have to pull an all nighter too just to prepare for class lessons, check papers and compute grades. The one thing they need to keep going is to have a good cup of coffee - with that, they would need a great mug too, right? This Teacher Mug with a Bamboo lid and coaster is the perfect cup for a professor's hot cup of joe. It also contains the right quote to keep their motivations up.Check Prices
  • O.RIYA Teacher’s Bracelet Jewelry

    If you think giving personalized notes to show appreciation to professors is just too overrated, you can opt to say it through a more elegant way instead. Like this Teacher's bracelet from O.RIYA, a message is engraved in its silver, stainless steel to let your professor know that they have made an impression to certain students like you.Check Prices
  • Pencil Shape Planter/Vase

    If your professor loves plants, then they would be certainly delighted with this gift. Yes, it may look like a bundle of pencils outside, but this is actually a vase! A professor with a green thumb will certainly have fun planting their favorite succulent here. It can even be displayed at their work desk at school.Check Prices
  • PopSockets Grip and Stand for Teachers

    It’s simple but very practical, and the words printed on it: very teacher-y! This collapsible and expandable grip & stand is just the thing your professor never knew he actually needed. Giving him this gift will definitely make his life easier when watching videos and movies on his phone.Check Prices
  • Prayer for a Teacher Mug and Coaster Set

    Sale! $12.92 $12.79
    Think only students pull all nighters just to absorb every lesson? Nope. Your professors stay up all night too! Preparing lessons, checking papers and grading students is not an easy job. Like you, they also get by through coffee! So this teacher mug and coaster set is a fantastic gift if you want to show some appreciation.Check Prices
  • Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters Set

    Throwing a geek-themed party? Make it literally LIT with this glowing coaster set from ThinkGeek! These chemistry-inspired coasters are labeled with radioactive elements from the periodic table: Radium, Plutonium, Uranium and Thorium! Every coaster lights up once you drink on them - don't worry, free batteries are included in the package.Check Prices
  • Recognition Award Booklet For Professor

    If you like scrapbooking, you would love this Recognition Award Booklet for your professor. This thick and eco-friendly cover can be filled with personal notes, messages and photos of your professor's most precious moments and achievements. You don't have to spend much time decorating this, for it already comes with its own fun design!Check Prices
  • Red Hot Professor Novelty Shirt

    Having a professor who made the subject fun and bearable with her sense of humor is someone you can't forget to thank the lucky stars for. Let her know how much you appreciated her with this funny little shirt that’s totally right-on with its friendly humor.Check Prices
  • Sigmund Freud Quote Engraved Pen

    Have you been searching for the best kind of gift that you can give to a psychology professor? You've come to the right place! This pen with an engraved quote from well-known neurologist, Sigmund Freud, is a functional and notable gift for any psychology professor, counselor, psychiatrist and therapists.Check Prices
  • Sports Water Bottle For Professors

    Sale! $19.38 $17.44
    Your professor also needs a water bottle when they to the gym, go out on a jog, or during lunch breaks when they just need to hydrate like a normal person does. Wait, you never thought that your professors lead a normal life too? Well, now you know. And as a consideration, why not give them this special sports water bottle that says "Best Professor Ever"? You're welcome.Check Prices
  • Stemless Wine Glass

    Give your professor something to celebrate (yes, literally). This stemless wine glass bears a quote which every educator will find quite funny - "I teach, therefore I drink." It can hold up to 17oz of wine (or any drink), and is designed elegantly for special occasions such as Thanksgiving, New Years and Christmas.Check Prices
  • Sterling Silver with Apple Pendant Necklace

    Sale! $28.97 $19.99
    Appreciate your professor in the most elegant way. This Sterling Silver necklace with a 2-piece pendant is specially crafted for every professor or teacher who dedicates their life to teach the next generation. It is engraved with the words, "A Teacher Takes a Hand, Opens a Mind and Touches the Heart," a great way of showing how they have made an impact to your life as a student.Check Prices
  • Teacher Peach Commuter Tote Bag

    Some professors move from one university to the other. Being on the go, they will truly appreciate it if you get them this tote bag that is not just large and spacious, but also organizational due to its multiple pockets. The best part? It contains a short but motivating quote - "teach, because it matters".Check Prices
  • Teacher Peach Fashion Tote Bag

    You know your professor or teacher carries a lot of stuff around, right? They bring in student papers, lesson plans, stationery, laptops and other educational materials for the convenience of every student. So why not help them become a little bit organized with this fashionable tote bag right here?Check Prices
  • The Inventor Stainless Steel Flask

    Your cool professor also needs an equally hip flask like this Inventor Scientist Penny-Farthing Flask. It is imprinted with a Steampunk-inspired silhouette that allows anyone to drink with style. The flask holds over 8 oz. of beverage - and it comes with its very own gift box too! Don't worry, alcohol is not included. You can still bring this safely around school and give it to your professor.Check Prices
  • Travel Insulated Tumbler Mug

    Professors and teachers need to power up their day with their favorite coffee, tea or any beverage of choice. Forget mugs, they just can't hold enough compared to this insulated tumbler mug right here! This stainless steel tumbler mug can hold up to 14 oz. of beverage, and is imprinted with the words - "Best professor ever."Check Prices
  • Tumbler With Silicone Sleeve

    Show your appreciation to a professor through a gift that they will surely appreciate too! This Funny Guy Travel Tumbler can keep drinks hot or cold for a longer period of time, making them very useful in the day to day lives of every professor. Whether they need a cup of joe in between classes, or a little refreshment after checking papers, this tumbler comes in handy.Check Prices
  • Willow Tree Love of Learning Figurine

    Give your professor a hand crafted gift to show your gratitude and appreciation. This 5.5" tall figurine is made from a Willow Tree, and carefully crafted by artist Susan Lordi herself. It also comes with an appreciation note where you can add a personal message for your professor. It is a perfect addition to your professor's desk or living room decor.Check Prices
  • Wish Jar Gift Kit

    Sale! $25.06 $22.05
    Looking for something special and thoughtful for your professor? Want to give them a gift where you can express all your gratitude and appreciation for what they did over the years? This Wish Jar is a charming and very personal gift that any professor can appreciate. You can add your notes and well wishes in the specially designed ticket that comes with the set. You can even ask your classmates to write their own dedications too!Check Prices
  • Wooden Leave Me Alone Box

    "Ohh, what does this button do?" Surprise unsuspecting and curious visitors with Willcomes Wooden Leave Me Alone Box. This professional-looking wooden box has a button which will tickle the fancy of anyone who was fortunate enough to pass on your desk or coffee table. Once it is turned on, it will automatically turn off by itself - not at all functional, but it could bring a smile to anyone's face!Check Prices
  • Wooden Notepad & Pen Holder

    Whatever the occasion and when thank you notes are just not enough, this wooden piece will totally nail it. Both items are made from natural wood that’s top quality and Gandhi's quote is been etched onto the surface so it won’t come off. With this stylish wooden gifts, saying thank you has never been better.Check Prices
  • Wooden Rubber Stamp Set For Teachers

    Looking for a way to grade and check papers in style? This teacher engraved wood rubber stamp set can do the job. Now you can praise excellent students and give feedback with not just style, but with ease as well! The set includes stamps with the letters A, B, C, D, and F (for giving letter grades), and also short but attention-grabbing feedback such as "Check Grammar" and "Proofread."Check Prices

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