Best Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Yoga is the lifestyle of honing the body, the mind, and the spirit into balance and holistic well being. With a rich and colorful history that dates back to 5,000 years ago, the discipline of yoga far transcends any fad.

Yogis, or those who practice yoga swear on yoga being more than a way of relaxation and meditation. Yoga is about the exploration of our very nature. It is all about our existence and consciousness. With that deeper purpose, it is no wonder that yoga has hundreds of thousands of followers all over the world!

Now, if you are looking for gifts for yoga lovers, then we have the ultimate list to save you the stress of finding one that would reflect the wonders of yoga in all its glory.

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  • 15 Oz Stemless Wine Glass for Yoga Lovers

    Do wine and yoga go well together? Apparently, it could! This Stemless Yoga Wine Glass is perfect for friends and loved ones who love to maintain fitness and discipline through yoga, while also enjoying the finer things in life with a sip of wine on special occasions. Surprise that friend with this fine, funny, and unique wine glass!Check Prices
  • 3 Pairs Yoga Cotton Socks for Women

    It's great if you are with friends who are fit and health-conscious, because you can also keep up with a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to wear the right stuff during meditation and exercise sessions. Surprise your favorite friends with socks that are comfy enough for yoga, ballet, and other stretching exercisesCheck Prices
  • 3D Optical Illusion Yoga Night Light

    If your friend is a Yoga enthusiast, this 3D optical illusion night light is perfect for them! It represents a meditative pose which is all too familiar with Yoga lovers and enthusiasts alike. It is a great addition in the bedroom, or even in your friend's personal Yoga space! It can be used as a night light, or it can be used to set up a calming mood before Yoga sessions.Check Prices
  • Ambesonne Meditation-Themed Coaster Set

    After Yoga sessions, it's nice to have a cup of tea as a relaxing and calming drink. But make sure you don't ruin your furniture due to your cup's hot temperatures! Protect your tables and counters with this Yoga-themed coaster set. It's the perfect combination to your relaxed and calm state of mind after every session.Check Prices
  • Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

    Yoga and meditation needs to be done in a calm and peaceful area. It is best to do it in natural environments such as the beach, lake or on mountains. But let's be real, doing this regularly is a luxury we cannot afford. So the next best thing we have is a personal Yoga space which can be decorated to have a calm and relaxing vibe. And you can achieve that with this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser!Check Prices
  • Aromatherapy Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser

    Soothe your senses with the aroma of natural oil essences with this Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser from Natalie Styx. Enjoy a spa like ambiance with the smell of your favorite essential oil that is BPA free and eco friendly and made with PP and ABS materials. This is great to use for relaxation, meditation and yoga sessions, as it bringsEsse in a more relaxing atmosphere. Gift this to any of your yoga buddies, so they too can breathe in a more aromatic breath of air.Check Prices
  • Boho Scarf Wrap For Yoga Lovers

    Yoga is not just a meditation or exercise activity, it is also a lifestyle! If your friend is a Yoga enthusiast, they will certainly love this soft cotton wrap scarf that is designed with a boho chic aesthetic. It is available in 4 different colors, and is a perfect accessory for every casual and laid-back day!Check Prices
  • Coffee Mug with Yoga Poses

    Yoga is one of those exercise activities that will leave people feeling confident and good about themselves. Aside from that, it is one of the most relaxing activities ever. So have your Yoga enthusiast friends relax with a hot cup of coffee that represents their favorite postures too! This Yoga coffee mug is the perfect companion after a good stretching session.Check Prices
  • CraftVatika Tibetan Meditation Singing Bowl Set

    Do you need help in setting up the mood for meditation? This Tibetan Singing Bowl will be a sure help. This singing bowl from Nepal creates a calming and long lasting sound that helps clear the atmosphere for meditation, that can help reduce stress and improve health and wellbeing. This bowl comes in a beautiful dark turquoise shade, with eight lucky symbols painted along the outside. It also has one wooded striker and one handsewn nondampening pillow included in its set.Check Prices
  • Decorative Porcelain Yoga Pose Figurine

    Your yoga-loving friend will certainly love this decorative porcelain set! It will remind their family and friends to stop, relax, breathe deeply, and meditate for a while. Surprise someone who is a yoga enthusiast with these yoga statues. This is the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, and house warming celebrations!Check Prices
  • Dumbbell Eco-Friendly Water Bottle

    Get refreshed and drink in style with this dumbbell-shaped water bottle! It is designed to fit the healthy and active lifestyle, and is made from Eco-friendly materials too. Your friend and gym buddy will definitely love this. Even your Yoga-loving friends will like this easy to hold and stylish bottle too!Check Prices
  • Elenture Yoga Mat Carrier Bag

    The great thing about yoga is that, it can be done anywhere and anytime. As long as you can find a small spot at home, the office, or a shady and safe area at the park, yoga lovers can simply roll out a mat and start stretching. And with this yoga mat carry bag, your yoga-loving friend can surely perform sessions with style!Check Prices
  • Evergreen Garden Yoga Frog Statue

    A frog doing yoga is a one of a kind decor. It will sure get a smile with just a look at its zen-y frog expression. This frog will remain calm and meditate wherever you fancy to put him. It will look good in the garden, at the patio, or on the desk. A great gift to any friend or family practicing yoga.Check Prices
  • Kindfolk Yoga Duffel Bag

    Bring around those Yoga essentials with the KINDFOLK Yoga Duffel Bag! It is spacious enough to fit 2 regular Yoga mats and other small accessories. It is also portable enough to be carried around during trips and long vacations. With its intricate pattern, your Yoga-loving friend can certainly carry their Yoga stuff in style!Check Prices
  • Lotus Flower Necklace with Om Symbol

    While yoga is all about simplicity and reflection, any yogi would gratefully receive a gift as beautiful as this Lotus Flower Necklace. It makes a simple, yet stunning statement that represents their spiritual journey and individuality in one interesting and eye catching piece of jewelry. It even comes gift-ready with its own Buddhist Namaste greeting card that is made from heavy stock recycled paper. A thoughtful gift not only to a dear person, but also to the environment.Check Prices
  • Magnetic Poetry Kit For Yoga Lovers

    Yoga lovers and enthusiasts are always looking for inspiration when it comes to meditating and doing Yoga stretches. This Magnetic Poetry Yoga Kit for refrigerators is a great way to inspire creativity and calmness for every Yoga lover out there! Surprise a friend, and exchange inspiring odes and short poems together through the fridge, the car hood, or even the office table!Check Prices
  • Mandala Microfiber Beach Towel

    Usher in the essence of the universe with these Mandala designed yoga towel mats. These fade resistant, high quality, 100% microfiber towels are great for yoga and meditations, and can also be used for any outdoor trips, as it is absorbent and durable enough for regular wear and tear. A perfect gift to an outdoorsy yogi who is always on the go.Check Prices
  • Meru Large Yoga Mat Bag

    Life has its demands which can sometimes disrupt Yoga sessions and other preferred types of activities. But with this smart Yoga mat carrier, you can be ready wherever and whenever you can get some free time. Got a long lunch break at the office? Have your mat ready by packing it in this carrier bag!Check Prices
  • Miomai Drawstring Backpack Bag

    If you and your friends are planning to do Yoga outdoors, you need to pack up the essentials such as your Yoga Mat, extra clothes, accessories, sunscreen, and other gadgets. Pack up your things with this stylish drawstring bag that can fit in all your Yoga essentials even if you need to go out on a hike or spend some hours on the beach/pool first!Check Prices
  • Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

    Whenever you need to do Yoga and meditation, the environment should be set up in a calm and relaxing mood too. Look no further! This Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great addition and accent to your personal Yoga space. It can give a relaxing, cool and calm vibe that is perfect for stretching and meditating.Check Prices
  • Non-Slip Yoga Socks For Women

    These non-slip socks are the perfect pair whenever you do yoga, stretching, and other exercises. Wearing it provides comfort during stretching activities, and it can help you hold yoga and meditation poses longer because it provides balance and stability too! Surprise a fit and active friend with these comfortable and well-designed non-slip socks.Check Prices
  • O.Riya Namaste Brass Bracelet

    Looking for a unique gift that only a Yoga lover can appreciate? This Namaste bracelet might be it! Made from quality brass, this bracelet is also lead and nickel safe. The bracelet fits either teens or adults, and it comes with a jewelry gift box for an easier and more elegant way of gift giving! Perfect for birthdays, the holidays, and other special occasions.Check Prices
  • Pete’s Choice Dharma Yoga Wheel Prop

    You've heard of Yoga mats for sure, but have you tried a Yoga wheel? The Yoga wheel is the best support accessory for Yoga lovers who are inclined to do advanced stretching poses. It's comfortable, dependable, and reliable for difficult Yoga stretches and poses. Get your friend a Yoga wheel to help them improve their fitness routine!Check Prices
  • Pink Coffee Tumbler For Yoga Lovers

    Yoga lovers and enthusiasts need their coffee too. Help them keep their favorite drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours with this insulated travel coffee tumbler! It is also designed with a Sanskrit-themed art to fit the aesthetic of Yoga lovers and practitioners. It is perfect for travels, gym use, and office use!Check Prices
  • PURE YOGA LOVE Yoga Towel

    Here is a towel that can hold up to any yoga pose. The Eco Bliss Hot Yoga Towel by Pure Yoga Love was designed specifically to be non-slip and ultra absorbent, and is sized big to accommodate any challenging yoga moments you might have. Plus, it works great for travel, or for a day at the beach. This is a great towel to keep or to gift anyone who takes their yoga sessions seriously.Check Prices
  • Round Mandala Lotus Flower Tapestry

    Embrace your inner peace in style with this beautiful Lotus Flower Tapestry from YAMUDA. Not in the typical rectangular or circular shape, this is shaped like a lotus flower mandala design and is colored so brightly in shades of orange, pink, and purple. It can be used as a beach towel, a picnic mat, or a table cover. It is a very beautiful gift that will surely be appreciated.Check Prices
  • Shanti Love Meowmaste Yoga Towel

    Yes, a Yoga mat is necessary for that calm and relaxing Yoga session at home or at the office. But every Yoga enthusiast would know that it is a struggle to clean these things out - that's why this microfiber Yoga towel is a great layer to add on your mat! It absorbs your sweat and protects your mat from other dirt and bacteria. Best of all, it is easier and faster to clean!Check Prices
  • Stemless Wine Glass For Yoga Lovers

    Yoga and wine? They don't always seem to go together well, but some people actually don't mind! Surprise a Yoga enthusiast and a wine lover at the same time with this funny but unique stemless wine glass that they will certainly remember you by. It is a perfect glass for special occasions, and even post-Yoga sessions.Check Prices
  • Sukhamat Yoga Knee Cushion Pads

    Sure, your friend might be bringing around their yoga mat at work to be able to do poses there, but does it provide extra support for their knees and elbows? This yoga mat will! Unlike other yoga mats, this one has a knee pad cushion that will ensure less pain and more comfort - even for the most difficult poses!Check Prices
  • The Yoga Puzzle – Stretch Your Brain

    Yoga is about mastering the body, especially its form. Now what better way to practice that without becoming a yoga pretzel than with the Yoga Puzzle. Each box contains 13 yoga poses, a netti pot, a floor mat, a yoga ball, and some veggie shaped wooden pieces that are supposed to fit inside its wooden box container. Ready to challenge your fave yogist? Gift it to them, quick.Check Prices
  • Way Out West 17 Oz Aromatherapy Candles

    Yoga has never been more relaxing with these beautiful, high quality and authentic aromatherapy candles from Way Out West. These candles are made from the purest essential oils and soy wax blend. Gift these all natural fragant candles to your yoga loving people and bring in the most aromatic ambiance to any yoga session that they will have.Check Prices
  • Yoga Cat Paper Towel Stand

    Give your Yoga-loving friend a surprise gift that is not just reflective of their favorite exercise activity, but is also very functional for kitchens or bathrooms! This cat is stretching out like in a Yoga pose, and its long tail can be used as a paper towel stand. It is a great accent for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms!Check Prices
  • Yoga Cats Pewter Figurines

    Cats are viral for a reason. They are regal yet irresistibly cute, and they have that aura of mystery and grace mastered in their movements. Which is why it's no surprise that these cat figurines in yoga poses are just something that you ought to have, like, two minutes ago. These Cats in Yoga Poses Figurines by Basic Spirit are handcrafted from Nova Scotia and are made from fine pewter.Check Prices
  • Yoga Lover Stemless Wine Glass

    "Yoga Class? Thought you said pour me a glass!" Now that is a funny quote that a yoga and at the same time wine connoisseur would find humorous. Etched on high quality stemless wine glass, these are fun gifts that yoga fanatics and wine lovers would surely want to have.Check Prices
  • Yoga Pose Cookie Cutters Gift Set

    Nowadays, themed birthdays and parties are quite a thing. These themes could vary, but it usually represents a particular interest of the celebrant. So for Yoga lovers and enthusiasts, this cookie cutter gift set is perfect for that upcoming party where you can show off your interest with unique Yoga-posed cookies.Check Prices
  • Yoga Poses Figurines by Basic Spirit

    These figurines may be small, but their beauty is an art. These Yoga Poses Figurines by Basic Spirit are handcrafted from Nova Scotia and are made from fine pewter. It comes in a set of three figurine forms doing three different yoga poses. These are the perfect desk decoration for any yoga enthusiast.Check Prices
  • Yoga Socks and Gloves Set

    Avoid accidents and falls with the use of these yoga socks and gloves from Leavenus. These socks and gloves are made from latex free natural rubber material that is great for sensitive skin. It is soft yet durable enough to withstand any activity, from yoga to Pilates. It is non slip and anti skid, making it a perfect accessory for any yogi.Check Prices
  • Yoga Spinner Game For Kids

    If you want your kids to be inclined to practice yoga once they grow up, it is best to start them young! This Yoga Spinner is a fun way to immerse kids aged 5 years and up in easy to do stretching exercises and Yoga formations. It contains 54 different poses, and is very easy to learn! Parents can also play along with the kids for a perfect family bonding time.Check Prices
  • Yogiii Yoga Mat Bag with Sling Carrier

    For those who like to go to Yoga sessions right after a long day's work, this Yoga mat bag is the perfect accessory! It can hold up Yoga essentials such as mats, extra clothes, and small gadgets/accessories. And it is also portable enough to be carried around at any day, or during long road trips and travels.Check Prices

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