3 Pairs Yoga Cotton Socks for Women


It’s great if you are with friends who are fit and health-conscious, because you can also keep up with a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to wear the right stuff during meditation and exercise sessions. Surprise your favorite friends with socks that are comfy enough for yoga, ballet, and other stretching exercises

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Doing Yoga or Pilates can certainly release all that sweat and energy in every session. That’s why before doing such activities, it is important to wear the right clothing and use the right accessories that can help provide comfort and safety. One example of that is wearing the right pair of socks! With this 3-pair set of socks that is designed and created for Yoga lovers and Pilates enthusiasts, comfort and ease is always guaranteed in every session. You can even request for new designs! Experience quality fit and comfort with these socks from Luckaya, a US-based company.


  • Has absolutely new designs available as requested by Yoga, Pilates, and Ballet lovers!
  • Custom molded, non-slip grip pattern covered on bottom, crossover strap on top and comfortable welt on ankle, provides maximum grip whether you are practicing Yoga/Pilates poses or other types of exercises like ballet, trampoline or just walking safely around the house.
  • Top quality cotton blend that fits comfortably and gives you the feeling of being barefoot while keeping your feet warm, germ free and secure.
  • Made from 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex.
  • Ladies Size: 6-10. Men Size: 4-9.
  • Each pack contains 3 pairs.
  • Available in 3 different colors: Black, Gray and Pink.
  • Purchase a set, and get a free bonus gift: Socks/Lingerie Washing Bag

The socks are designed to provide maximum stability during Yoga, Pilates, Ballet classes, Zumba, and workout sessions in the gym. The socks are made from premium quality cotton, which is excellent for keeping your feet dry and bacteria-resistant during extreme workouts. The extra thick terry on the bottom makes feet feel soft and comfortable despite heavy movements.

Surprise a Yoga-loving friend with a pair of socks that are made for comfort and grip – even when performing difficult and advanced Yoga poses! This is a great gift for any special occasions such as birthdays and Holidays.

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