3D Optical Illusion Yoga Night Light


If your friend is a Yoga enthusiast, this 3D optical illusion night light is perfect for them! It represents a meditative pose which is all too familiar with Yoga lovers and enthusiasts alike. It is a great addition in the bedroom, or even in your friend’s personal Yoga space! It can be used as a night light, or it can be used to set up a calming mood before Yoga sessions.

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Many people practice Yoga due to the benefits in the emotional, mental, and psychological well-being of a person. For most people however, Yoga is more than just a routine – it is a lifestyle! A lifestyle that should be reflected at home, in your clothes, accessories and other articles of fashion. So if you are looking for the perfect decor that can exude that Yoga aesthetic at home, this 3D optical illusion Yoga night light is worthy of consideration!

This impressive night light is crafted from a flat (3 mm) acrylic glass plate with a 2D laser engraved image on its surface. Once the flat plate is inserted into the round lamp base, the 9 LED diodes at the bottom of the lamp base distribute the light in a way that creates a spectacular 3D effect – leaving a statue-like image of a person that is meditating.


  • 3D Design: A flat acrylic plate that creates a hologram-like illusion image.
  • Comes in 7 Different Colors and 2 Modes – Change the color of the light into Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Purple and White. Modes can be steady or alternate. If you want the lamp to stay on just one color, choose steady mode, but if you want it to change colors every now and then, put the lamp on alternate mode.
  • Safe and Efficient: Shines bright but consumes a little power to operate.
  • LED can operate up to 10,000 hours and never worry of overheating.
  • One Touch Control: Turn on/off or change color mode easily with just a touch for your convenience.
  • USB Powered: Plug it on your laptop, powerbank or your smartphone’s USB charger using the 2 metre-length USB cable.

This night light is a perfect gift for Yoga lovers and enthusiasts. It is a great gift for housewarming celebrations, birthdays, Holidays, and for many other types of occasions.

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