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Law students have to go through several years of tedious study just to become lawyers. Once they become lawyers, more battles are still to be won in the courtroom. Keep them inspired and calm in the face of adversity with this plaque that contains a lawyer’s prayer. It can be mounted or placed on their desk so they will be reminded of the prayer at any time of the day.

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Almost anyone (who is not a lawyer) would tell you that lawyers are liars, and that they bend the law just to protect a rich client, or bribe judges just to win their case. Well, that’s true – but those are the bad eggs of the legal profession. If you happen to have a lawyer or law student friend, you would know and understand how difficult and how noble these people can also be.

To be a lawyer, one has to endure late nights of study, difficult exams, and heart-stopping oral recitations. Aspiring lawyers have to get through these classes for years before being admitted into practice. But the battle does not stop there, once a law student becomes a lawyer, the battle is now taken to court. Through all these challenging ordeals, help them keep calm and strengthen their confidence with a little prayer plaque that can be displayed or mounted on their home and office.


  • A Lawyer’s Prayer Plaque w/ Scales of Justice
  • Material: Made from Cold cast resin with bronze powder finish.
  • Dimensions: H: 9.25″ x W: 7″
  • Can be displayed on a desk or mounted on the wall.
  • Packed in beautiful gift-box ready for any occasion.

This prayer reminder will also help them keep calm during adversity. And yes, lawyers need all these before facing another day in court. Defending a client’s cause is not an easy job, it can take a toll on the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of lawyers.

That’s why they need this prayer plaque on their home office, law firm, or personal work desk. It can help give them strength, clarity of mind, and faith that they can go on and defend their clients successfully in court. Surprise a lawyer or law student with this little prayer plaque during their birthday, the Holidays, or on their graduation day (for law students).

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