Antique Purple Feather Quill Pen


We always appreciate good gifts – those things that have been very well thought of. This elegant feather quill pen is a writing tool and calligraphy set in one. Its elegant, antique, and classic look is a perfect shot to make a meaningful and memorable gift for any history teacher.

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If there is one consistent thing that all history teachers love and are passionate about, it should be something that has or symbolizes, well, a part of history. So if you’re thinking about getting the perfect gift to give to your friend, colleague, or simply your history teacher, then you have landed on the best gift idea there is. This feather quill pen represents not only class and elegance, but a rich history of how the stories have been inked on the pages of history as well.


  • The quill pen comes with a natural feather, which includes care instructions
  • Its ink bottle contains 15ml black ink
  • The brass penholder is elegantly retro textured
  • The package includes five (5) high quality pen nibs
  • Pen nib designs are perfect for beautiful calligraphy strokes
  • Guaranteed easy to use and provides smooth writing

Pens symbolize intellect, but can mean varied things to the person receiving it. To teachers and professors, they mean respect and recognition to their importance. To writers, pens symbolize their introspective abilities. They create stories and memories, and preserve histories. Pens inspire connection, spark up creativity, encourage patience, and even benefit the health. Fountain pens, in particular, are not only meant to be consumed in writing but to be enjoyed as well. The recipient will discover a whole lot of enjoyment and surprise. It does not only come in handy for writing and signing, but to create art as well. When everything these days are fast and hurried, practicing writing requires patience and time. These factors help the mind relax and recharge. However, not all pens make special gift items. Fountain pens, and especially ones designed to resemble the olden quill pens, are great gifts that are sure to be appreciated.

This Feather Quill comes in a gift box so you won’t have to worry about getting another box to pack it with. This gift item is undeniably the best gift to give to history teachers to make them know how much they are appreciated.

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