Armed AK47 Military Garden Gnome Lawn Statue


Most of us see gnomes similar to that of happy little elves who are content to just bounce and hang around shrubs and flowers all day long. However, this particular gnome is not one of them. This garden gnome is armed with an AK47, and is ready to kick butt any time! It is a perfect gift for military members, trainees, and gun enthusiasts.

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Most gnomes are just happy to hang around your yard all day, but this gnome named Jack has set himself up for a different and more interesting role. Instead of lazing around the bush and singing songs all day long, he chose to protect the property of his master all day and all night long!

Armed with an AK47, this gnome spruces up any yard or flower bed and is tough enough to ward trespassers off the lawn. This is the perfect gift item for military members, trainees, police officers, and even gun lovers and enthusiasts! It is a great gift that can truly reflect their strong and no-nonsense personality outside the home.


  • Handmade with heavy duty poly-resin and carefully crafted with detailed outdoor painting.
  • Can withstand cold and hot outdoor weathers.
  • Statue weighs 1.7 lbs.
  • Measures: 11.8” in height (when standing), and 10” when kneeling
  • Packaged to be ready for gift-giving: Carefully secured in foam packaging to ensure a safe journey to his new home.

Surprise a dear friend with this garden gnome named Jack! He is a tough, lawn protector who is ready to ward off trespassers with his heavy duty firearm in hand! He makes a great gift for special occasions such as house warming, birthdays, and the Holidays! Forget about happy little elves and gnomes, tough gnomes can be the best guards of your yard and flower bed!

There are also many other gnome designs that you can collect to give Jack some company. But they have different personalities. Jack is just a gnome whose primary duty is to protect and serve his owner. This gnome statue makes for a great lawn ornament, home accent, yard decoration, outdoor and porch ornament, or even as a desk decoration! A perfect gift for a brother, husband, or uncle who has served in the police force or military.

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 13.2 × 12.9 × 7.4 cm





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