Collectible Energy Stone Mineral Fossil Wand


Wands are not only in fairy tales. They are in real-life and are perfect to give to your history teacher friends too! This crystal wand is for one is made from ancient marine fossils, and posseses the ability to draw in positive healing energies for the body and the aura.

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Crystal wands are a powerful tool in the realm of shamans, healers, chakras, and energies. In the ancient times, wands are popularly and effectively used in different types of purposes – meditation, spiritual cleansing and development, balancing of the chakras, aura work, emotional healing, and even physical healing. Crystal wands are also popular in warding off negative energies. It also attracts and strengthens positive energies, and both gather and direct these energies. Each crystal wand has its own properties and functions, but all the same, they promote positivity in oneself. In Reiki, the wand is used as a tool to access the past life. This is important in overcoming depression and fears that are rooted in traumatic or stressful events encountered in the past and break bad habits and any carry-overs from the past.


  • Made from the fossils of the ancient marine creatures Orthoceras
  • The wand measures 7.1” x 1.8” x 0.5”
  • It weighs at 5.7 oz
  • The orthoceras fossil are found within the black matrix that comprises the whole of the wand
  • Top part of the wand is smooth and polished, while the other end has matte finish
  • Great tool for acupressure and massages
  • The product is comes in a special Satin Crystals gift box packaging

Crystal wands are not only things that reflect a rich culture and history of the past, the orthoceras fossil wand is an excellent tool to relieve the effects of stress and anxiety. This wand also helps in improving one’s career. It instills open-mindedness and increases confidence, without being or feeling to be above the others. As it brings about positive energies, it also allows its owner to recognize and appreciation the accomplishments of other people as well. If you want to give something totally useful and worthwhile, this is the gift to give to a history teacher.

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