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It’s not only books that bookworms and bibliophiles appreciate. This gift item is one of its kind. It’s open top, large, spacious, sturdy, convenient, and very statement-y. Even non-book lovers would love to own, use, and flaunt this item. You’ll definitely be a head turner.

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Yes, you have read that correctly. It is really a composition notebook tote bag. It has the looks of a composition notebook but a functional bag—a bag designed as a perfect accessory to bookworms and bibliophiles, and you guessed it right, teachers! As a gift item, this really trendy tote is uniquely designed and definitely catchy. It’s also a great item not only for teachers but to other individuals burdened with loads of paperwork from work each day.


  • The tote bag is 15” wide and 17” high
  • It is 100% cotton made
  • Made in the USA
  • A purchase of the bag will mean a book given to a community in need

It’s an open top tote bag so it reduces the hassle of having to repeatedly open and close the bag each and every time you get and return something inside. You can just easily grab something out and stuff it right back in—comes in really handy when you are holding a drink or some food with your other hand. The inside pocket lets you safely tuck in your phone and other valuables. With its large size, it has more than enough room to hold up large books and even a laptop! It’s light material does not add so much to the weight of the books and other stuffs you will be carrying on your shoulder. But don’t let its look and feel deceive you. It is also surprisingly sturdy and you can be rest assured that it won’t snap at you. You can even write your name in front of the bag, just as how you do on your real composition notebook. Now how is all that for $18? And you do not only get a bag at that, and make a teacher happy. You also get to contribute to a charity work.

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