Fioretto Women’s Fingerless Leather Gloves


There’s nothing quite like these sexy and daredevil-ish looking finger less gloves from Fioretto. They’re made from genuine leather that’s soft and very durable. They’re also wearable on any season. Every woman who loves to ride the bike will greatly appreciate it especially when given as a gift.

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The hands play a huge and important role when driving, most especially, motorbikes. It’s a no brainer as to why there a need to use a helmet that’s of good quality. But not many really understand why wearing motorcycle gloves are as important, aside from looking cool. Little some drivers know, especially those who are new to riding, that even a tiny scrape at the back of the hand can cause serious problems with driving. On the road, you can never know what can happen next. Collisions are getting thrown off by a passing gigantic truck can swerve the bike off balance. And no matter how careful a driver one is, the roads are laden with possibilities of collision or other dangerous risks. That is another reason why wearing gloves is very important. It improves the grip of the hands, especially when the weather becomes to hot and sweating of the hands can cause them to become slippery. The cold weather as well can pose risks in driving when the hands can get numb because of the cold. Long driving may also cause numbness in the hands. Keep your daughter, girlfriend, friend, or wife safe while motorbike driving with these finger less gloves from Fioretto.


  • Made from durable genuine goatskin leather that’s imported from Italy
  • Soft and lightweight
  • Available sizes
    • Small – Palm Width: 6.46, Middle Finger Length: 0.75
    • Medium – Palm Width: 6.77, Middle Finger Length: 0.83
    • Large – Palm Width: 7.09, Middle Finger Length: 0.87
  • Colors available
    • Black 1
    • Black 2
    • Light Grey
    • Stone
    • Black + Snake Grain
    • Blue + Snake Grain
    • Green + Snake Grain

In essence, it is not only motorcycling that will need safety gloves. This pair from Fioretto is also a great to use while driving, mountain climbing, shooting, cycling, or any other outdoor activity. Its snug fit around the fingers and palm does not come in the way whilst doing activities. Get a pair of these sexy and stylish Fioretto finger less gloves for that woman who means the world to you.

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