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If you ask any one of your parent as to who their favorite child really is, you would not get a definite answer. At most, you will just get a generic “I love all my kids” answer. But if you want that questions answered on their behalf, you can surprise them with this funny statement mug, and seal your place as the favorite child once and for all!

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Most of the time, parents don’t really reveal who their favorite child is. Well if you are an only child, it is not really a question. But for those who have 2 siblings or more, parents will not make it obvious that they are taking sides – or they may not genuinely have a favorite at all because they love all of their kids. But it’s still a nagging issue, isn’t it? Can a parent really have a favorite child?

Well, you can end that debate by simply giving your mom or dad this funny coffee mug that says “My favorite child gave me this mug.” If your parents can’t answer that “favorite child” question, let this mug answer it for them (just for fun!)


  • INDIVIDUALLY GIFT BOXED – Conveniently arrives gift-ready in a nice white Wittsy gift box with colored tissue paper.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Made in the USA with high quality materials.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • CAPACITY: 11 oz capacity
  • Great for hot and cold drinks.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – All gift items are backed by the manufacturer’s money back guarantee, ensuring you receive a quality product free from defects.

This funny mug is a great gift for father or mother’s day! ThisĀ  ceramic cup makes a humorous present for any parent from their child. It’s also best for parents who are coffee or tea lovers – they will surely enjoy sipping their favorite drink with this high quality mug!

Aside from mother’s or father’s day, this is also a great gift for other special occasions such as your parent’s birthday, anniversary, the Holidays, reunions, gatherings, and even during thanksgiving! You don’t even have to bother wrapping this up in a nice gift package, because it is already boxed in a nice and colorful gift box. All you need to do is write up a short dedication note for your parent.

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