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Professors have their own personality too (of course), and if you are looking for a gift that can reflect their character in a good way, this funny t-shirt might just be it. It is imprinted with the words, “Read the syllabus.” Does that remind you of any professor or teacher? Go ahead. Surprise them with this gift!

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As students, we sometimes forget that our professors are humans too. They have feelings, personalities, quirks and a life outside school like the rest of us do. But there are a number of professors who are very devoted to follow a syllabus, right? So if you’re thinking of getting a novel gift to a certain professor, why not grab a shirt that can easily reflect their teaching personality? Yup, like this funny shirt right here.


  • Plain t-shirt imprinted with the words, “Read. The. Syllabus.” Perfect for professors and teachers who always tell the class to refer to the syllabus during the whole semester.
  • Lightweight and a classic fit.
  • Designed with double-needle sleeves and a bottom hem.
  • Sizes range to fit male, females or young educators.
  • Available in colors: Heather Blue, Grass, Lemon, Heather Grey and Orange.
Put a smile on your professor’s face with this simple but humorous gift! Give them something that will not only match their fashion sense, but will also match their personality too.


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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 cm



Teach School and Rule




Teach School and Rule


Teach School and Rule


Teach School and Rule