Funny Shirt Gift For Gun Lovers


Nothing in this world can ever beat a loving and supportive wife – especially when she is supportive of a husband who is a gun enthusiast! This shirt is the perfect gift for a dad, uncle or brother who is a gun lover, and who is also lucky enough to have the most amazing and supportive wife in the world.

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It is true when they say that the best things in life are priceless, because one of those is a loving and ever-supportive wife. Having a wife who is supportive of a husband’s interest in guns and weapons are true gems! They should be appreciated and shown off to everyone, and you can do that by wearing this shirt which says, “I Love It When My Wife Let’s Me Buy More Guns.”

This is also a great gift for a friend who is a gun enthusiast and is also lucky enough to have a supportive wife. You can give this to a brother, uncle, Father, co-worker, boss, or a good neighbor and hunting buddy who has been on many trips with you!


  • Lightweight, classic fit, double-needle sleeved with bottom hem.
  • Made From 50% Polyester and 50% Cotton
  • Available in Different Colors: Black, Navy, Cranberry, Green & Dark Heather
  • Different sizes available for male and female: Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL & 3XL
  • Safe for washing machines, just mix together with like colors.
  • Shipping weight: 4.8 oz

Surprise a good friend or loved one on Father’s Day with this funny statement shirt! It can also be given away during Christmas, New Year, birthdays, and other special occasions. This shirt is comfortable enough to be worn during shooting sessions, hunting trips, and for casual events such as barbecue sessions with family and friends. The shirt is also easy to clean since it is washing machine-safe. Just mix it in with like colors and soak in cold or low-heat water temperatures.

Supportive wives who are looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift need no reason to look further. If your husband is an avid gun enthusiast and collector, this is the perfect shirt for him! He will surely appreciate this shirt, especially because he can finally show off his wonderful wife through it.

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I Love My Wife and Guns Tees




I Love My Wife and Guns Tees


I Love My Wife and Guns Tees


I Love My Wife and Guns Tees


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