Funny Travel Mug For Law Students


Law students have to read loads of cases and books each day. And if you ask any one of them, you would realize that they barely have any social life at all. So if you want to brighten up their day a bit, try surprising them with a useful mug that can keep their coffee warm while bearing a funny quote at the same time!

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If you have friends who went into law school, or if you are a law student yourself, you would know how difficult it is to actually juggle studying law and having a social life at the same time. If you thought college was hard already, law school is even worse. With hundreds of pages to read each day, the hours in a day are not even enough to cover everything.

Then again, that’s all part of legal training. Don’t worry, you will get your social life back after law school. For now, you just have to endure long, sleepless nights and difficult classes with a cup of coffee in hand. And speaking of coffee, this travel mug will certainly come in handy for every struggling law student.


  • Capacity: This travel mug holds 14 oz worth of liquid and comes with an easy-grip handle and thumb rest. The tapered bottom fits in a standard cup holder. Lid has a slide opening and a slanted drinking surface. Lid is dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant.
  • Made from stainless steel for durability. Since it’s made out of stainless steel, it is NOT microwave safe.
  • Its thick DOUBLE WALL helps keep drinks hot or cold for far longer than the average mug.
  • Printed with the words: “I have no life, I’m in law school.”
  • The image is printed with only the highest quality sublimation inks and printing techniques to ensure a lasting print.
  • NOTE: These are not “officially” endorsed as dishwasher safe, although we have run them through hundreds of times with no problems. Hand wash is the official recommendation for cleaning.

Cheer up a law student with a surprise gift that they will certainly find useful! And tell them that the quote is not a personal attack, but is only done in pure good fun. Of course, you have to remind them that a social life can always wait – because a law degree is worth it!

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