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For adventurous friends and loved ones who are always on the lookout for fun and thrilling activities, this Bucket List Poster would be a delightful gift for their special day! This huge poster adds 100 new to-dos that are certified fun adventures and unique experiences. How many can they achieve by the end of the year? Challenge a friend or loved one using this ultimate bucket list!

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For friends and loved ones who are always looking for the next adventure, destination, or the next unique and thrilling experience, this bucket list poster will certainly be a motivating and inspirational gift! It contains 100 unique and adventurous things to do that can be scratched off once the owner has already achieved that goal.

These activities include riding a hot air balloon, going bungee jumping, and visiting every continent in the world! Best to be given to young, adventurous souls who just turned 18, and those who just graduated from college. Most of the goals are not yet safe and appropriate for children and young kids. This bucket list poster is best for teenagers and young adults who have a big sense of adventure!


  • Bucket list poster contains 100 things to do (adventure and travel ideas).
  • DIMENSIONS: 23.4 inches x 16.5  inches
  • Suited for ages 18 and up. Some to-dos are not safe and appropriate for young children. Best for older teens and young adults.
  • Scratch off an accomplished goal to show colorful photos of the adventure.

This is a unique gift to give during birthdays, thanksgiving, the Holidays, and most especially – the New Year! Give your friend or loved one a new set of goals and motivation to try out something new and thrilling. This poster can be hanged on the wall, or placed on a desk or cabinet for easy display and inspiration.

It’s a perfect surprise gift for teenagers who are celebrating their 18th birthday, fresh college graduates, and young professionals who are still in the pursuit of finding themselves. This bucket list poster will give them new ideas, new experiences, and inspiration to push their dreams and experiences further. It also makes for a great challenge! You and your bestfriend or partner can tick off every goal together to make it more fun and memorable.

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