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What more can you get from a ruler? Here’s THE gift perfect for your history teacher friend, hubby, bf/gf, or even your self. It’s a perfect ruler – centimeter and inch measurements; PLUS, 2,000 year-old history facts and important periods found on either sides!

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Make that gift for the history teacher fun and original with History by the Meter Folding Ruler. It’s a popular choice for something that’s fun and a novelty. You cannot go wrong with this gift item as it is more that your typical centimeters / inches ruler. It’s a folding ruler with many twists.


  • 2,000 years worth of world history recorded (printed) on the surface of varnished hardwood ruler that has the length of 2 meters
  • History facts on one side and historical periods on the other
  • One side, called The Event Side, showcases the significant events from the Roman Times to the Modern Times up until the Internet Age
  • The Period Side, on the other aide of the ruler, features the periods in world history and their significant discoveries, achievements, arts, and so on
  • Print on the surface do not come off or peel easily
  • Made from varnished hardwood to ensure durability to last a long time

On simpler terms, it’s like a history book on a ruler. And since it is a ruler, it also has metric calibration, centimeters and inches, on either sides. This History by the Meter Folding Ruler has taken all of Europe by storm ever since it was introduced to the market – selling a whopping hundreds of thousands on the first wight months since it was launched in the market. It’s got a novel-like take on history that can be enjoyed even by kids in school. Aside from being a novelty item and can be a collection, history teachers can also use this as a tool for classroom games and interactions.

If you are looking for an unforgettable gift that does not only make a history teacher smile but also use, this one is definitely for you. It’s simple but a very sensible gift at a good price offer.

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