I Teach Therefore I Drink Whiskey Glass


Let them relax and have a warm and soothing drink. Yes, professors and teachers need that too! This great find is perfect to give to your professor, teacher, your child’s teacher, or that teacher-friend who you know needs a pint of good humor to unwind, even on a workday!

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A little toddler can drive a mother crazy after a whole day of running, whining, and whatever things children do these days. What more a double of a dozen kids inside the confines of a small room can do to a teacher? You know you cannot even begin to imagine it yourself. We’ve all been students at some points in our lives, and we all know how much of a challenge, that aside from the profession being fulfilling and all, it is. And no matter what age group the class belongs to, teaching is an easy profession. More than all that ruckus students make, teachers have in their hands huge responsibilities over the children under their care and supervision. So you see and totally understand how all of them deserve an evening wine or something stronger like whiskey to relax and unwind.


  • It is 3.5″ in height, with a .25″ diameter measurement
  • The glass can hold up to 11oz of drink
  • Glass is made in the USA

And because you know how much they deserve that, this funny little drinking glass is the perfect gift you can give to your child’s teacher, a teacher friend of yours, your co-workers, or even yourself for that matter. After all, you are a teacher to your kids! What is says is simply funny and simply true and simply relatable as well. The statement does not just cause an honest grin on your and anyone else’s face, but also serves as a reminder that yes, you deserve this and even a little more. It’s really like a pat on the back for a job well done, only much warmer and relaxing. So go on ahead and try it out and you’ll know you’d want to let others know how worth it this gift purchase is.

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