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Case files and lawyer notes might be digitized, but when it comes to affixing signatures, lawyers still need to do it the old school way – with the use of a good sign pen. Surprise a colleague or lawyer friend with this elegant pen that is accented with a Lady Justice clip. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, Holidays, or as a congratulatory gift after a victorious legal battle!

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Case files, affidavits, pleadings and memorandums might be digitized and printed on paper, but when it comes to signing these papers or affixing their signature for a notary, lawyers will still need to do it the old-school way – and that’s by using a pen. Law students also need pens more, because exams have to be in writing, and a good pen is necessary in order to make their penmanship legible for the professors.

If you are looking for a unique gift that could also be very useful for a law student, this law-themed rollerball pen is the perfect item! It is created with a sleek, black design, and has Lady Justice as its design clip. Lady Justice brings the scales of justice, and this symbolizes how justice is blind, but is fair, balanced and equal to all.


  • Nickel Silver clip hand-tooled Lady Justice.
  • Uses standard rollerball refill, available on any office supply store.
  • Features a Black ink, medium point, rollerball tip.
  • Finished in rich, black lacquer and fitted with a cushioned grip.

Perfect for due process, or just doing the process. This rollerball pen is perfect for lawyers, law students, paralegals, court officers, and judges who are working day and night to make the rule of law work in the real world. It is perfect for affixing signatures, writing notes, and writing on important documents.

This can be a great gift for any occasion! Whether you want to give this as a birthday gift, Holiday gift, or simply just a gift of friendship or appreciation gift for a good lawyer and law student who has helped you out of some legal troubles, and has given you sound advice on particular matters. This will surely be a delight for lawyers who uphold truth and justice without fear nor favor to a particular class or group.

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