LifeSong Milestones Owl Wall Decor Set


These wall decoration signs are a welcome addition to your godchild’s nursery. Its cute and pretty design is a sure eye catcher. But more importantly, its verse: “Be Strong and Courageous Do Not Be Afraid or Troubled The Lord Your God is with you wherever you go” from Joshua 1:9 is an encouragement that any new parent would surely appreciate and thank you for.

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Parents deal with a lot of anxieties and fears as they go through pregnancy and the early years of their little ones. While most would look like they have it all together, somehow, in one way or another, there are a lot of changes that go through those early years of parenthood. And that is putting it mildly, if you ask me, I would say parenthood turns your life around in more ways than you could ever imagine.

Thank God for friends and family who are there to inspire and help when the days get quite hectic and tough. And if you are that one friend or family of any new parent, make sure that you are up to the challenge of helping out, right down to the gift you buy for that lovely couple’s baby dedication. While your gift would surely be for the baby’s welfare, it won’t hurt if it would also help encourage parents on those one too many sleepless nights trying to put down a colicky toddler.

LifeSong Milestones have got your gift giving covered with these lovely three piece set of wall hanging decors. This set in particular, come with the Bible verse found in Joshua 1:9 which says, “Be Strong and Courageous Do Not Be Afraid or Troubled. The Lord Your God is with you wherever you go”. Now ain’t those mighty fine words of encouragement to see when you are bleary eyed at 3 am, trying to change yet another dirty diaper!


  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 12 x 0.5 inches
  • Item Weight:  2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight:  3 pounds
  • Printed on recycled MDF wood
  • Designs:
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Pink and Blue
    • Purple
  • Made in the USA

These wall hangings would surely look great on any nursery wall. It has an original design of owls that are just too cute to resist. It can even be gifted for other occasions like birthdays, first communions, and baby showers.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 16.22 × 13.19 × 1.22 cm



LifeSong Milestones


Pink and Blue




LifeSong Milestones








LifeSong Milestones




LifeSong Milestones