Magnetic Mailbox Cover for History Teachers


Your History teacher will certainly appreciate this unique but useful gift! This magnetic mailbox comes with a customized inscription that can only fit teachers and professors. Don’t worry, this magnetic mailbox cover meets US Postal requirements and your teacher can use it right away without any fuss.

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Your History teacher might be a little bookish, but like everyone else, they are living normal lives too! They may have a library full of Historical references, but they also use mundane, everyday things like a coffee pot, smartphone, television, pens, or even a mailbox!

Now this gift might seem like just a funny accessory, but this is actually legit and very useful! This magnetic mailbox cover is designed for every History teacher out there who have touched and inspired the lives of many students all around the world. But this is not just any pre-made mailbox cover, because it can be further customized with your teacher’s house number on it!


  • Can be personalized with house address number.
  • Attaches to metal mailboxes with magnetic strips.
  • Adapter kit for non-metal mailboxes sold separately.
  • Fits standard size mailboxes sized 6½”x19″
  • Meets US Postal Requirements.
  • Latch and flag opening provided for your convenience.
  • Made from weatherproof, durable PVC material.
  • 100% Made in USA, Printed and Shipped from Atlanta.
  • Same day shipping service available!

Now if you are thinking of giving this as a surprise gift, that would be doubly hard because you would need your teacher’s home number to have it customized, right? That’s your call now to employ a little bit of creativity to gather the necessary information. The easiest way of course is to ask a friend to do it for you – but make sure that friend is trustworthy. You may also ask your teacher’s colleague about the information, but then again, make sure they won’t spoil the surprise!

This novel gift can be given in any type of occasion. Whether that be Teacher’s Day, Thanksgiving or Appreciation Day, Graduation Day, school ceremonies, Holidays, or your teacher’s birthday, it is a great and useful gift for any kind of occasion! And since it meets US postal requirements already, your teacher can instantly use this without any fuss.


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