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For history buffs, everything ancient and antique is a treasure. This reproduction of the ancient map of the Holy Land (Israel) and the Cradle of Civilization (Ancient Mesopotamia) is the perfect gift to thank your history teacher for all the history knowledge he/she shared to you.

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The ancient Mesopotamia, for example, holds an importance place in the history of the world. Being the “cradle of civilization”, the rich history of Mesopotamia gives us all a glimpse of how religion, societies, innovation, development, and the life we have now came to be. The histories of Israel and the Ancient Babylon gives un answers on how people lived and what they believed in during those times, and makes us understand where and how all our beliefs are connected to them. Learning history is like going into a time machine and seeing a totally different existence of humans. Not many kids will understand the importance of learning history, or enjoy learning many things. This is why teaching history may be fun but the challenges are aplenty! History teachers will need to tap in their creativity and use visuals to rouse the interest of students and get them to appreciate the things that happened way, way, way back in the past. This gift item, a map of the great historical landmarks of Israel, Mesopotamia, and Babylon is just the perfect tool for history teachers to provide a good visual to make students understand their lessons better.


  • Poster size: 16” x 24”
  • Material: Museum quality photo paper
  • Ink used: Archival ink with 80+ year fade resistance
  • Mailing tube is used in shipping so as to prevent any bending of the product
  • An allowance is made on all sides of the poster for easy matting and framing
  • Notice: The map is not the original map but a reproduction

This beautiful replica of the ancient map is a perfect gift to give on any occasion or even when there’s no occasion. It can also be a great thank you gift to a history teacher – whether a friend, a spouse, a boss, or your own child’s teacher. This is a gift that’s practical and sure to please.

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