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What gift is apt to give to someone who knows a wide variety of movies of different genre and time? This diploma will surely give your movie lover friend a big hearty laugh on his or her birthday or on any day that celebrates his or her achievements in life. Or especially when he or she is feeling down, it’s a sure way to lift his or her spirits up!

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Are you looking for something to give to a movie crazed person? You know, the one who wins all the movie trivia games, who speaks movie quotes as good as they can speak English, who has boxes upon boxes of movie collected through the ages, and would probably have more on their cloud accounts somewhere? Here is one gift that will surely get them laughing. A Movie Lover University Doctorate of Movies Diploma! It sure sounds authentic enough and it looks genuine enough to brag about. You can even stage up a mock graduation ceremony and you can get your whole movie watching crew over to dress up the parts as graduates of the University the truly supports your true calling.Here’s what this wonderfully funny piece has to say:

Movie Lover University

In recognition of successful completion of the requisite course of study and upon certified nomination of Faculty, the Board of Regents has conferred upon (Any Name Here) in recognition of the satisfactory fulfillment of the prescribed requirements for the degree of Doctorate of Movies with the rights, honors, and privileges thereunto appertaining Dated this first of January, two thousand and six

This gag certificate is printed on high quality premium certificate paper with official border and a very official looking gold seal embossed for that convincingly authentic look, plus it even includes two fictitious signatories (a certain David Miller and a James Davis, which are quite persuasively official sounding names for added appeal. And it can be fully customized with any name and date of graduation of your choice.


  • Paper Size: 8.5 inches x 11 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • This certificate comes fully customized with any name and any date of your choice

This truly is a humorous way of giving a unique and thoughtful way of letting others know that you think of them.

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