Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp


Whenever you need to do Yoga and meditation, the environment should be set up in a calm and relaxing mood too. Look no further! This Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great addition and accent to your personal Yoga space. It can give a relaxing, cool and calm vibe that is perfect for stretching and meditating.

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If you want to set-up the perfect ambiance for your Yoga sessions, you need help with some accessories. These accessories should give off a calm and relaxing vibe that can induce focus and meditation during your Yoga sessions! This Natural Himalayan Crystal Rock Pink Salt Lamp is worth the consideration. It is a great addition to your personal Yoga space, bedroom, or on any part of the house where you usually do your poses and meditate.

This one-of-a-kind lamp emits a warm glow and creates a welcoming mood. Best of all, it can serve as a natural air purifier that can neutralize your home from any dust, dirt, pollen and other airborne pollutants. It is also beautifully crafted to compliment your interior space and other home decors. This Himalayan Salt Lamp is sourced from the deep underground mines of Khewra, Pakistan (located on the western edge of the Himalayan Mountains), which produces the cleanest form of salt in the whole world.


  • Safety Guarantee & No Recall Risk: 12V = Safe voltage, UL CE Standard
  • Features dual voltage (AC 230V/110V), so you’ll never need a converter.
  • Cord is 6 inches long.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: When your use the Himalayan salt lamp for the first time, please remove the crystals from the plastic bag, and remove the protective film from the Aria.
  • Backlight Base-Controlled: KZKR Himalayan salt lamps offer safe and patented Backlight Base for an enjoyable user experience. To operate, simply press the button.
  • Glows with a warm amber light.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: FCC, CE, RoHS approved.
  • Comes with extra two replacement bulbs.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your rock salt lamp, send it back within 45 days of delivery for a full money-back refund.

As soon as you turn it on, your salt-crystal lamp starts attracting and then evaporating moisture. This creates negative ions, which help neutralize airborne pollutants like dust, dirt & pollen. The lamp’s ability to purify the air has benefits – especially for people who love Yoga. This creates a calming effect, soothes away tension and stress, and elevates mood. This is a perfect gift for friends who are Yoga lovers and enthusiasts – especially during the Holidays and house warming celebrations!

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Weight 3.46 kg
Dimensions 10.47 × 5.83 × 5.16 cm