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Do family gatherings feel like a mixture of oil and water, where most of the younger generation looking like they are bored out of their wits, with most of the “adults” tittering and laughing on the other side of the room? If you have seen this Great Divide, then you know how awkward it is to ask everyone to mingle. Bridge the generational gap with Our Moments Kids, a thought provoking Q&A game that will sure win everyone over for a round. Plus, it would be a great icebreaker to use when you want to talk to your seemingly alien speaking teener.

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We all know of the great generational divide that comes between parents and their children. As children grow, they seem to become completely different beings. Yes, they talk the same language, but it seems harder and harder to connect with them. And in today’s modern world filled with distractions, building a good parent and child relationship can be a very daunting task.

We can all just charge it to growing pains, but having healthy communication within the family is vital. For parents, it matters a lot to your children that they are confident that they can come and talk to you. Children do go through a lot of stress growing up. And there are so many times in their young lives that they are interacting with the world around them without their parent’s direct supervision.

Children experience a lot during those times. It is there that they learn to be independent and responsible. However, children have their own share of painful and fearful experiences that would require them to open up and talk to adults for guidance. It is important that during moments like these, parents and children are confident enough to approach and talk about situations and topics that need to be dealt with wisdom and maturity.


  • Product Dimensions: 2.6 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.4 inches
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  • Comes in a shrink wrapped custom tuck box packaging
  • 100 question cards that are printed on 300 gsm card stock
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Kudos to you, if you are one of those children who would want, at least, to have some decent communication lines with their parents. But if you are having a hard time finding a way on how to make it work with them, then you have stumbled upon something worth more than gold. Our Moments Kids is somewhat like an ice breaker question and answer game that allows you and your parents to have a conversation. This game helps build confidence that the family is the safest place to be honest with.

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