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Your eyeglasses might come with a free wiper, but does it perform its job well? Say goodbye to foggy and smudgy glasses when you use Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner! Its carbon cleaner lessens the static on your lens’ surface to ensure that it does not attract dust and airborne particles. Just brush and wipe, and enjoy a better view!

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People who cannot see or function without eyeglasses are all too familiar with this problem – foggy or blurry lenses. No matter how much you wipe your lens with a cloth or tissue, there are always smudges and blurs that prevent you from seeing things clearly (or in crisp, HD version).

Well, say goodbye to that problem forever with the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner! It’s Carbon-based technology can pick up dust and other particles from your lens, leaving it squeaky clean and clear from all smudges, blurs, and fingerprints! See the world again in crisp view and clear color with this eyeglass cleaner.


  • The CARBON based cleaner uses no chemicals, no fluids, and doesn’t require the use of any disposable wipes.
  • 25% Carbon diminishes static on the lens surface, reducing the attraction of airborne particles.
  • The carbon is restored every time the tongs are returned to the storage case. This makes this cleaner effective for at least 500 CLEANINGS.
  • Use the brush to dust off debris, particles, and dust. Use the wiper to remove smudges and blurs from sweaty hands and other factors.
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 1 x 1 inches

Say goodbye to blurry lenses and lenses that are smudged with your fingerprints – this eyeglass cleaner completely wipes smudges and dust from each lens. Using Carbon technology, the brush and wiper can pick up even the smallest particles from the lens surface and ensure that your eyeglass is cleaner and clearer like it is brand new! Just make sure to keep and return the cleaners in their storage case to recharge/restore it with Carbon constantly.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is also a great gift for friends and loved ones who need their eyeglasses to function at work, home or school. Give them the gift of a better and clearer vision with this eyeglass cleaner! It can also be used for sunglasses too.

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