PENGCHENG Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes


Shoes that don’t need to be taken off in water? Any beach lover would kill for a pair of these awesome footwear. The beach may be beautiful but getting sharp broken shells under the feet can get super uncomfortable and can even cause injury. With these shoes, doing yoga, simple exercise, running or brisk walking by the beach will be so much better and comfy.

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Beach typically means a day spent out on the water with the sun warming up your body, and the feel of the sand on our feet… is usually HOT! Not to burst anyone’s perfect beach day, but you can agree that burning hot sand scorching our naked feet is one memory of summer that we all tend to forget. While the idea  of running around on the beach and going swimming is just how we enjoy the beach, you would never want to be seen scampering on the beach, trying to avoid the scalding sand, or getting a bad cut on your feet from the corals and rocks you might step on (which, dare I say, is much, much worse than stepping on a Lego brick). Here is the marvel of modernity: Water shoes. Water shoes feels like going barefoot, but with the added protection and comfort.


  • Sizes:
    • 4.5 M US Women / 3 M US Men
    • 5.5 M US Women / 4 M US Men
    • 6.5 M US Women / 5 M US Men
    • 7.5 M US Women / 6 M US Men
    • 8.5 M US Women / 7 M US Men
    • 9 M US Women / 7.5 M US Men
    • 10 M US Women / 8 M US Men
    • 10.5 M US Women / 9 M US Men
    • 11 M US Women / 10 M US Men
    • 12 M US Women / 11 M US Men
    • 13 US Women / 12 M US Men
  • Fit: As expected
  • Color:
    • A1 – Green
    • A1 – Black
    • A1 – Purple
    • B2 – Khaki
    • B2 – Royal Blue
    • B2 – Black and Green
    • B2 – Black Rose
    • C3 – Black
    • C3 – Rose
    • C3 – Black and White
    • C3 – Black and Blue
    • C3 – Black and Green
    • C3 – Camouflage
    • G6 – Black
    • G6 – Grey
    • G6 – Purple
    • H7 – Green
    • H7 – Grey
    • H7 – Purple
    • I8 – Black
    • I8 – Blue
    • I8 – Green
  • Shipping Weight: 7 ounces

Pengcheng water shoes are made for multi function wear. It can be used anytime and anywhere you feel like going barefoot. Its breathable upper layer is made with quick drying Lycra, and its camo rubber sole has drainage holes to enhance breathability, while its high quality rubber material is durable and non-slip, with double anti-skid high elasticity and shock absorption. This makes these shoes soft, comfortable, flexible, and quick drying, and safe to use on wet areas.

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