PopSockets Grip and Stand for Teachers


It’s simple but very practical, and the words printed on it: very teacher-y! This collapsible and expandable grip & stand is just the thing your professor never knew he actually needed. Giving him this gift will definitely make his life easier when watching videos and movies on his phone.

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Grips are phone accessories that makes holding the phone much easier and decreases the chances of dropping it. It helps make texting much easier, watching videos more comfortably, and taking pictures and selfies a savvy. Popsockets are well known for their reliable and durable collapsible phone grips. Not only that, their grips come in different stylish designs that suit whatever style. This time, Popsockets has created a design that every teacher and educator can relate to. The print says what teacher exactly are and how they are rocking it, in just a few words. Popsockets also know the stuff they bring on the table to provide the best quality to their customers.


  • The grip is 1.56 inches in diameter. It has a height of .9 inch when expanded and is .25 inch when collapsed.
  • Its adhesive is removable and can easily be re positioned on most surfaces
  • The adhesive may not stick to some some silicone phone cases, waterproof surfaces, and highly textured ones
  • Pop sockets provides an adhesive disc for customers who wish to stick their grip directly onto the phone’s back glass case (such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, and iPhone X)

A phone grips makes everything to do with a phone so much ease. Watching online lectures and videos has never been this easy. When the grip is expanded, it helps the phone stand, allowing viewing to be hands-free. The collapsible features makes the grip to not get in the way when putting back the phone inside the bag or sliding it into the pocket. It’s such a practical item and yet you’ll never know you ever need one unless you try using it yourself. So save your professor from not knowing what he or she actually needs for that much convenient phone use and handling. They’ll totally thank the heavens for you!

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Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions4.3 × 3.4 × 0.3 cm

Wireless Phone Accessory


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Throne of Teachers Funny Gifts


Throne of Teachers Funny Gifts