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The beach is so much fun as it is, but you can actually make it even more fun for a friend who loves it more than his life. This inflatable lounger takes beach-ing to a whole new level of fun and unwinding. Make a difference in the life of a beach lover who never knew beach lounging can be made so much better in many ways. It is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.

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Lounging is probably the most relaxed leisure that there can be. It can be done in both inside and outside the home—especially on the beach. Let a beach lover discover a whole new way of enjoying the beach with this inflatable couch from Miami DreamScape. It takes relaxation to entirely different meaning and enjoyment. Its upgraded and made-better line of air loungers are a step above their ordinary counterparts.


  • Made from a very durable material: 210 T Nylon Rip-stop
  • Its interior material is made from polyurethane that’s 1.2 mm thick
  • Has weight capacity of 450 lbs
  • When deflated, the lounger can be folded and compact
  • For easier inflation and better sealing, the lounger has one inflation hole and two separate sections
  • Comes with two pocket compartments on one side for the safe keeping of items like sunglasses, keys, cellphones, and the like. The compartments are conveniently located within arm’s reach
  • Inflates easily, in a matter of seconds, video instructions on setup are available for free in YouTube
  • Comes with a stake to keep it from getting easily blown by the wind
  • Its square-shaped headrest was innovatively designed for a maximum comfort
  • May be used as a lounger on land, sand, and stays afloat on water
  • May be used as a lounger and a trampoline for kids

This wonderfully dependable air hammock and anywhere-couch is a perfect gift to give not only for beach lover adults. It’s also a great gift for kids too, but it should definitely be used with adult supervision). It’s a big bit at outdoor activities, like camping and hiking, to better enjoy the beauty of nature. It’s also a great attention grabber during pool parties. And most of all, comfortably lounging at the beach to get the perfect tan is easily possible. With its compact (deflated) size, it’s easy to bring into the house to setup a much, much more comfortable afternoon siestas and evening movie marathons.

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