Puppy Eyeglass Holder Stand


With this dog glass stand, you and your loved ones will never lose glasses anymore! Its cute, puppy eyes will make it a great desk decor, and it also doubles as a glasses holder for your convenience. Keep your glasses in one place, and don’t ever have trouble finding them again! This dog glasses stand can be placed on the nightstand, dresser, work desk, or cabinet shelf too.

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If your friend or loved one has poor vision, losing their eyeglasses is a daily struggle. Sometimes, they forget where they last placed it – and then they had to stumble around the house until they actually find their precious glasses. It’s worse when they lose it in the workplace – how can one perform tasks if he/she can’t see the words on the computer clearly? And how can they read printed documents without a good pair of glasses?

So help your friend or loved one have a safe place for those eyeglasses! This puppy eyeglass holder stand is the best keeper of such. It is handy and easily accessible. No need to hide glasses on drawers, shelves, and cabinets! It can be safely placed in this cute puppy stand.


  • 🐶 Dog glasses stand is very cute and is a great way to store your glasses when you want to take off your eyeglass. It helps avoid the lens from getting scratching or crushed.
  • 🐶 Eyeglass holder stand can help you keeps your glasses handy. No need to search for them in a drawer or all over the house when you want to use it.
  • 🐶Glasses holder can put on the night stand, dresser, or office desk. It also makes for a great table and shelf decor.
  • Comes in a variety of dog breed designs: Schnauzer, Corgi, Bulldog, and Pug. Size varies slightly with each type.
  • Made from polyresin material. Handle with care to prevent the material from breaking.
  • 🐶 Stand can also can hold other small accessories such as rings, necklaces, watches, rubber bands, etc.
  • 🐶 Product will ship by Amazon (FBA). If you are not satisfied with the item, just contact Amazon Customer Service for money back.

The cute dog shape glasses holder stand is an ideal product for people who always forget where his/her glasses is.
Find a safety place for your glasses and stand by your handy glass stand! Each type can fit in most regular-sized eyeglasses or sunglasses. A great gift for birthdays, the Holidays, and other special occasions.

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