Real Bullet LED Flashlight Gift For Gun Lovers


This might look like an intimidating bullet, but in reality, it is just a flashlight! The bullet design is created to make this the perfect gift item for gun lovers and enthusiasts alike. Aside from its stylish design, this flashlight is useful enough for emergencies and unexpected outage. Don’t worry, this is only made from safe materials!

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We all know that a flashlight is useful in cases when a power outage happens, or if you need to get through a dark nights during a camping or hunting trip. It can even be used to call or signal for help in dire situations or when you experience a misadventure on the outdoors.

If you think flashlights cannot get any cooler, then you haven’t seen this one yet. This flashlight may look like a bullet, but this will not harm anyone! In fact, it can even help you get through emergency situations and unexpected power outages. It is a great and functional gift for every gun lover and outdoor enthusiast.


  • High Lumens
  • Made from 100% Brass Steel and Copper Body Construction
  • Durable and tough enough to withstand a shotgun.
  • Measurements: Length 5.5″ x Width .75″
  • Weights 5 oz (with battery)
  • Requires AAA batteries to function (free batteries included)
  • Comes with a LED light bulb.
  • To turn it off or on, just twist the bullet.

The flashlight is made from real bullet casing which makes it very durable and stylish at the same time. It is a great way to reflect the owner’s personality and interests in guns, shooting, and even hunting! It is handy enough to be carried around for hunting, camping and fishing trips too! Of course, it comes in handy during nights when the power goes out, or when a strong calamity has cut off power lines.

This is a great gift item for an adventurous husband, brother, uncle or a friend who is a gun lover or enthusiast too. It makes for a great surprise gift on the Holidays, their birthday, Thanksgiving celebrations, Father’s Day, and even just a random appreciation gift for any day. It is a stylish flashlight that they can use during emergencies and during nightly hunting trips and adventure camping.

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