Red Hot Professor Novelty Shirt


Having a professor who made the subject fun and bearable with her sense of humor is someone you can’t forget to thank the lucky stars for. Let her know how much you appreciated her with this funny little shirt that’s totally right-on with its friendly humor.

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A sassy shirt for that sassy educator who made your studies a much lighter burden on your back? Why not? At the end of every term, professors receive all kinds of heart warming thank yous from students, expensive gifts of this and that, to express their gratitude for the help they received at the time. You can actually do the same and up it up a little by adding a pinch of humor.


  • The shirt has five different color varieties to choose from: Black, Lemon, Navy, Slate, and White
  • The sizes fit from small to extra large
  • Has a classic fit and the sleeves and bottom hems are stitched double-needle
  • Lightweight and advised to wash with same or similar colors
  • T-shirts are made from cotton and polyester

 Statement shirts that evoke humor is an effective gift to give. While it is an effective way to let your gratitude and appreciation feel, it also makes a mark on the heart of the receiver. This funny (sarcastic gag) statement shirt is a reminder of the good and less serious moments your class shared with the professor, and how she made the subject less dreadful with her humor. It’s not everyday (or every semester for that matter) that you get to have a professor like that. And your gratitude may even reach farther than the heavens, and that’s especially true when you feel like your future is looking quite dim and dimmer at every passing day. Giving it to a retiring educator you won’t ever forget is guaranteed to pull her lips into a smile. This good-nature humor statement shirt is a great gift to give not only at the end of the semester. It can also be a good gift to give on occasions like birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. Or even without any special occasion, if you just want to make that educator smile, go on ahead. This shirt will definitely do the trick.

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Red Hot Profession Funny Shirts




Red Hot Profession Funny Shirts


Red Hot Profession Funny Shirts


Red Hot Profession Funny Shirts