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Yes, a Yoga mat is necessary for that calm and relaxing Yoga session at home or at the office. But every Yoga enthusiast would know that it is a struggle to clean these things out – that’s why this microfiber Yoga towel is a great layer to add on your mat! It absorbs your sweat and protects your mat from other dirt and bacteria. Best of all, it is easier and faster to clean!

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Many people love to practice Yoga because it enhances physical and mental well-being. Every Yoga session will surely leave you refreshed, relaxed and meditated. It will also help you sweat, and lose some calories in the process. Although that feels good, we all know too that cleaning Yoga mats can sometimes be a real pain. These mats have to be cleaned often, or else germs, molds and bacteria can grow in it due to the sweat and dirt that it absorbs during every Yoga session.

The problem is, most mats are not exactly washing machine-friendly, and brushing/cleaning them too often will also affect its durability. Luckily there is a solution! This “Meowmaste” Yoga towel is the answer to your Yoga mat woes. It works as an extra protective layer of your mat. It can absorb sweat, dirt, and dust – shielding your mat from all these elements. Best of all, it is easy to clean and dry!


  • Easy to clean and machine washable, non-slip Yoga towel!
  • The unique “Meowmaste” design will keep you smiling throughout your hot Yoga, Bikram, Pilates and meditation sessions! Yoga is awesome, but have you truly LIVED until you’ve had a cat on your Yoga mat?
  • Designed to be washed daily, and it dries quickly without fading!
  • The towel is crafted with a thick microfiber which outperforms polyester and cotton towels!
  • Non-Slip & Lightweight – Our yoga towel will keep you from slipping during your exercise. When you’re done, simply roll it or fold it up and off you go! IMPORTANT: Spray/mist the towel with water before using to prevent it from sliding on the mat.
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 24 inches; covers most Yoga mat sizes.
  • Generally pet-friendly or cat-friendly.

This Meowmaste Yoga towel will certainly add some edge and style in all your Yoga and meditation sessions! Grab one for yourself, or surprise a Yoga-lover friend on a special occasion.

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