Stack 52 Bodyweight Exercise Card Game


Forget workout equipment and fancy gym accessories. Your personal trainer needs to come up with old school but fun and effective ways of exercising, such as using this fitness card game right here! Your trainer or coach can use it for their own routine, or they can even share the strategy to other clients as well.

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When it comes to reaching fitness goals, others mistakenly think that they need to purchase expensive equipment or acquire fancy gym memberships to get started. Well, that’s not true. Even your personal trainer can tell you that all you need is to set aside some time and do bits of stretches and running around in the neighborhood. There is also another simple and less expensive way to burn all those unwanted fats though, and that’s through card games!

This Stack 52 Bodyweight Exercises card game contains 50 mini workouts that anyone can perform at home or at the gym! No planning, equipment or gym membership needed! You and your personal trainer just have to set aside some time and shuffle these cards.


  • Created by Sergeant Volkin, a scientist and military fitness expert, who created exercise routines for US Military troops.
  • The whole stack contains over 50 different body weight exercises.
  • Each workout lasts from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Set contains 54 coded exercise cards:
  1. 11 cardio exercises (Blue)
  2. 15 core/ab exercises (Red)
  3. 3 back exercises (Pink)
  4. 10 leg exercises (Yellow)
  5. 3 Arm exercises (Orange)
  6. 9 chest exercises (Green)
  7. 2 instructional cards
  8. 1 wild card
  • Cards can be scanned with a smartphone for online videos of Sergeant Volkin demonstrating the exercises.
  • Can be played solo or with family and friends for a bit of competition!
  • Shipping weight: 2.4 oz.

Who thought that a card game can actually help you and your friends lose weight, right? Thanks to Sergeant Volkin, you can now come up with routines that can help trim down belly fat and tone muscles. It’s a great gift not just for personal trainers, but for friends who are trying to lose weight as well!

Whether it’s your personal trainer’s birthday, or some any other special occasion, this card game will certainly be a delight! This will help your trainer come up with new routines, save precious time when they can’t go to gym sessions, or even play these cards into your own routine. C’mon, you know you love a little competition!

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Stack 52




Stack 52






Stack 52


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