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Everyone knows that when a judge pounds their gavel, they are trying to make the law work in the court room – and that alone commands respect, not just because of the judge’s authority, but also because they enforce the rule of law. The gavel is such an important symbol for everyone in the legal profession, and it also makes for an elegant necklace too!

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Most of us know that the gavel is a very important icon of justice and the rule of law. It is used by a judge to demand order in the court and make the rule of law work in the real world. It does not just command order, but it is also entitled to great respect. It is no wonder why a gavel is commonly used as a symbol of law and justice – much like Lady Justice’s scales and blindfold. So if you are looking for a unique gift item that can surprise a fellow lawyer or judge, you might want to consider this unique fashion necklace.

This Gavel necklace is a chic and delicate way to display your profession in the legal field. Be it for a law student, lawyer, judge, or justice, this fashionable jewelry necklace can encapsulate what professionals in the legal field stand for – and that’s for fairness, order, and justice. Even if the law is harsh, it is entitled to great respect, and the gavel commands such respect, order, and authority for the rule of law to be followed – most especially in the court room.


  • Pendant thickness: 1.5 mm;
  • Comes with 17-inch 1.0 mm Sterling Silver chain.
  • Professional insignia necklace, this pendant cut out by latest technology laser machine.
  • Lead Free

This fashionable and meaningful gavel necklace is perfect for any occasions. It can be given as a graduation gift to a law student, a congratulatory gift for winning a case (or for getting promoted in the judiciary), a birthday gift, Holiday gift, or just an appreciation gift for a great friendship that spanned for many years. It can also be given as a token of appreciation, whenever a lawyer-friend helps you overcome legal troubles and help you arrange legal documents for a new venture or chapter in your life.

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Philosophy Jewelry Co aka PJco


Philosophy Jewelry Co aka PJco


Philosophy Jewelry Co aka PJco