Tall Ceramic Coffee Mug for Beach Lovers


Giving mugs as a gift might already seem like too much of a cliche. But mugs still make for a great gift – if only it is specially made and created to fit a friend’s character and personality. And if you know someone who is a beach lover, this Beach Days Flip Flop Mug is a token that is worth considering!

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Another coffee mug as a gift? Cliche and boring. If you really want to give a thoughtful and personal gift, a mug is still pretty nice – but make sure that it is unique and pretty reflective of the receiver’s character. So if you have a friend or loved one who is a known beach lover, this coffee mug is especially created for them!

The mug is colored blue and beige to remind the owner of the calming waters of the beach, and the look and feel of sand in their toes. It also features a flip flop design at the center to truly reflect that beach vibe and chill personality that your friend has.


  • Height: 4 1/2 Inches
  • Capacity: Can handle up to 16 oz. of beverage.
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

This Beach-themed mug is easy to use and clean. It is safe to be put on the dishwasher, and it is even safe for microwave use! Your friend will certainly find it handy whenever they need to reheat their favorite drink, because they can just pop it in the microwave and enjoy another round of hot coffee/tea that went out cold moments ago. It is also convenient whenever your friend is too tired to wash the dishes manually – they can just put this inside the dishwasher and get it cleaned.

The best part? This gift is suitable for any occasion. Whether you like to give this as a Holiday gift, Thanksgiving gift, Mother’s Day gift, or as a Graduation gift, your friend or loved one will certainly appreciate it! It can also be given on personal occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries! Or if you want to surprise a beach lover friend during the summer, why not do it with this beach-themed mug that can surely reflect their love of the beach, sand and sun!

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