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Climate change has brought out the worst weathers that the Earth has experienced in a while. Winters have become colder, and summers have become hotter. Whatever the weather is, our jobs and responsibilities will not be postponed because of it. So make sure you protect your hand from frostbite during cold weathers with this cute and snug mouse pad!

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Our jobs don’t freeze over during winter – or even during extremely harsh and cold weathers. Deadlines and tasks will still persist despite threats of a frostbite. So make sure you keep yourself protected during such extreme weathers with this heating mouse pad!

This heating mouse pad will protect your hand from potential frostbite, and will of course keep you comfortable and warm while using your laptop or PC. A snug and comfortable feeling will help you concentrate on your tasks and finish them in due time. Aside from employees and freelancers, this heating mouse pad is also perfect for gamers! The fun of playing your favorite games on PC does not stop when the weather is cold. This heating mouse pad is perfect for every avid laptop or computer user!


  • Mouse Pad Dimension: 10 x 8.6 inches(25cm x 22cm)
  • The interior is a circle with a perimeter of approximately 8.3 inches and the height is 3.5 inches.
  • It has enough space to use and move around a mouse. It also has a wrist rest.
  • Supported by computer USB power or 5V phone charger or portable power bank.
  • Constant temperature: Keeps the temperature at 113 degrees Fahrenheit(45 degrees Celsius). Comfortable even during harsh winters.
  • Mouse pad cable length: 47 inches(120cm)
  • The cable is for power only, it cannot be used for data transfer.
  • Free return or exchange if your heating mouse pad does not work.

To ensure safety and to extend the life span of your heating plate, make sure you unplug it from its power source whenever you are done working (or if you are planning to take long breaks). Unplug the power cord of the mouse pad when you leave your computer. It will automatically shut down too when the PC or laptop is turned off. Unplug the heating pad from the power bank or phone charger if they are supported by it.

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