Women’s Foldable Reversible Sun Visor Hat


Sure, the beach is the place to be during summers. But sometimes the beach can get really hot and humid, or too breezy. This hat does the trick to make a beach loving lady feel comfortable without losing her style. It’s works great as a gift on any occasion or even without it too.

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It’s summer and everyone’s heading to the beach. It’s finally the time to relax from the hectic work life and get some warming up under the sunny rays. But being under the sun and getting exposed to the sea breeze can cause a few glitches on the skin. It’s a thing definitely not all women love about the sun and the beach. Well, say hello to this foldable and reversible floppy beach hat for that woman who cannot endure sun exposure on her face, but desperately wants to relax under the sun and enjoy the ocean breeze.


  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Fits 22-23 inches head circumference
  • Colors available: Light Beige, Blue, and Rose Red
  • Plain colors (Blue and Pink) with plain and no floral pattern in the reverse side are also available
  • Serves as a sunblock and gives UV protection (UPF>50) from the sun’s rays
  • Skin-friendly, breathable, and very comfortable
  • The 18 cm brim is broad enough to provide coverage not only for the face, but for the neck and shoulders as well
  • One side is plainly colored, while the reverse side has a very attractive floral print with summery colors
  • Comes with two ribbons, floral and lace, that may be used as bows attached to the hat or as matching bracelet on the wrist
  • Comes with a chin strap to help keep the hat in place in case the breeze gets a bit strong
  • Very easy to fold and pack

Even when the plain color side is up, the print from the underside peeks from the edges, making it still look adorably smashing. It’s a great skin protection and at the same time makes a woman look totally fashionable as well! Send your that love to your girlfriend, the love of your life, or your mom, through an irresistibly showstopper hat that she needs to keep her skin healthy and un-weathered by the sun. Because you know, loving the beach does not necessarily also mean loving getting the face sun burnt!

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