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Whatever the occasion and when thank you notes are just not enough, this wooden piece will totally nail it. Both items are made from natural wood that’s top quality and Gandhi’s quote is been etched onto the surface so it won’t come off. With this stylish wooden gifts, saying thank you has never been better.

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This lovely wooden notepad and pen holder is a perfect gift item that will surely be appreciated by a professor. Mahatma Gandhi’s “Be the change you want to see in the world” wisdom is beautifully engraved on both wooden pen and the holder to inspire positive change daily.


  • The material is from natural wood of top quality
  • The bottom has rubber feet protectors so the holder does not move about on the surface but stays in place
  • The quote is not printed on the surface of the pen and holder but are etched, so it does not come off
  • The pen and notepad holder measures 3/4″ x 4 1/2″, and has 3” x 3” space for notepad refills
  • Aside from the engraved print, the ballpoint pen has gold plated accents to give it an elegant and professional look. It’s 5 1/2″ long and ink is refillable and compatible with cross style refills
  • It comes inside a glossy gift box in a beautiful fabric bag
  • All items are carefully hand crafted from California by artisans
  • All items are originally designed by Kate Posh

 It’s that kind of gift that lasts a pretty long time, given that both pen and notepad and pen holder are refillable. Once ordered, you wouldn’t even have to tax your self to buy for a suitable gift wrap to cover your gift with. Its lovely packaging will be enough to give to your professor as it is when you received it.

Why this gift though? The quote from Gandhi alone is a sure way to ease the mind after a long day of teaching, as it reminds how their teaching profession cultivates positive change into the lives of their students – that what they do matter and that they truly make a difference. This is a gift that will not only be appreciated. More than that, it can translate you appreciation to your professor way more than words can.

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