Yoga Socks and Gloves Set


Avoid accidents and falls with the use of these yoga socks and gloves from Leavenus. These socks and gloves are made from latex free natural rubber material that is great for sensitive skin. It is soft yet durable enough to withstand any activity, from yoga to Pilates. It is non slip and anti skid, making it a perfect accessory for any yogi.

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With its many advantages like, stress relief, better sleeping patterns, strength, flexibility, mobility, and detox, it is not wonder that yoga has gained a lot of practitioners throughout the years. Also, the fact that yoga is one of the least vigorous ways to becoming more healthy physically and mentally makes it a more viable option to most people.

However, injuries on the yoga mat are also very common. It can range from lower back injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries, neck injuries, to even more serious complications like stroke and brain damage. Much like any activity, caution and safety should be given priority.

Increase your protection on the mat with the use of non slip and anti skid gloves and socks from Leavenus. These gloves and socks are made from materials that are soft and comfortable to the hands and to the feet, with non slip and anti skid soles and palms that are made with selected natural rubber. These gloves and socks are latex free. Hence, you can be assured that your skin can avoid irritation and sudden allergic reactions from latex.


  • Comes in a set of 2
  • Package choices:
    • 6.5 inches – 8 inches (Pink, Blue) Yoga Socks and Yoga Gloves
    • 6.5 inches – 8 inches (Grey, Black) Yoga Socks and Yoga Gloves
    • 8.5 inches – 10 inches (Pink,Blue) Yoga Socks and Yoga Gloves
    • 8.5 inches – 10 inches (Grey, Black) Yoga Socks and Yoga Gloves
    • (Pink, Blue, Grey, Black) Yoga Gloves Only

These gloves are not only great to use on the yoga mat, but are also great for other activities like dancing, pilates, barre, exercise, cross fit, ballet, and sports. So you can be sure that when you give it out as a gift, the person can use it for all occasions, and not only for practicing yoga. Call it an all in one present, for that is what it is.

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